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4-Slice Toasters
Farberware 4-Slice Toaster

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Mine Works Great!


Mine works fine - the negative reviewer may be appliance challenged. Likely prefers cooking their toast over a campfire to save energy? Good all around toaster - east to use controls, individual settings a plus, small countertop footprint - does the job.



farberware toaster is a moster


Purchased the farberware 4 slot toaster to replace a non well functioning proctor-silex unit.  First, the design is very classy and combines stark black with stainless steel highlghts.  The top is inclined with the four over sized slots to allow bagels and other wider items for toasting.  A dial conveniently located at left front allows you shift betweem two or four slot useage by only having one drop down lever to deal with.  A side dial provides the length of toasting for specific desire for the darkness and thichness. This is a great toaster !!

Solvang, CA


Be smart don't buy this toaster .


Farberware 4 slice toaster. So on the surface it looks like a good product has slots big enough for bagels and texas toast , with cooking settings and the option to toast one or both sides or cook with 2 or 4 slots blah blah blah . None of that matters if within the first week two of the slots quit working and the two remaining slots , well um suck or blow how ever you wanna put it. Not to mention half the nobs fell of and the crumb tray sticks and you have to practically have two people to get it out . NEED I GO ON? Didn't think so .

Edinburg, IL


Farberware 4-Slice Toaster

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