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Farberware 17-Piece Rocket Blender

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i need a piece og larger cutter because just worn


very useful but unfortunately lost a fitting and would like to acquire the same. Where to buy in Brazil?


rio claro sao paulo brazil


Not the greatest product


I bought this because it looked perfect for my needs. All the accessories and cups are exactly what I wanted in a single serve blender. The day after I bought it I got up in the morning and couldn't wait to make myself a smoothie. I added a couple of strawberries, a banana, a little yogurt, a baby carrot, and a little milk. I turned it on and was amazed at the power but then it began to smoke. Thought the motor was just burning off some residue so I continued until smoke filled the area I was working in. I did not over fill this thing so I took it back because I thought it was defective and replaced it with a new one. I used the new one this morning to make chocolate milk just to make sure it was working. This one hasn't burned up yet but it did smell hot after a single use with nothing to chop or purée. It smelled hot enough to concern me. Durability Great everything if it would last for more than one or two uses. The smoking motor concerns me. I love everything about it except for its tendency to burn up.




Superb blender, excellent price


The Faberware Rocket Blender is a superb bullet-style blender that is easy on the wallet without sacrificing power. After our previous bullet-style bit the dust after a few years of baby food making abuse, we started to replace it with the same high priced blender until we ran across this one. I am so glad we gave it a shot! It has handled everything we've thrown at it, including frozen fruit, baby food, grains to make flours, ice, veggies, etc. The whipping blade made perfect whipped cream in no time at all, and clean up is a breeze when you rinse it, add a little water and a drop of soap and blend for a second before rinsing out the suds! With extra cups and various lids, it was a great deal and I would buy it again. Blending Power More powerful than my high-end expensive blender. Versatility Ice cream, whipped cream, pureeing soup, and grinding flour- it has handled it all for me! Design With a small footprint, it is perfect for small kitchens with little or no counter space!




Farberware 17-Piece Rocket Blender

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