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Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Very hot coffee


I love this coffee pot, although it is not the cheapest. Very nice design and small for counterspace. Very Very Very hot and fresher tasting coffee. I think this is a great item for everyone to own that drinks coffee. Also is a very good christmas gift as well as weddings and showers.

Lexington, SC


Love my faberware


My Faberware coffe maker is wonderful.  I have it programmed to brew my coffee so it is ready when I get up in the morning and shuts off after 2 hours, if I forget to.  The coffee is nice and hot, not like other automatic drip makers.  I can program the strength of the coffee, if I want it stronger/darker I change the settings.  Faberware has always been a brand that I trust, a brand my mother has trusted for many years.  I have had been using Faberware for many years, had an electric perk maker and graduated to automatic drip.  It easy to clean, I can put the glass pot, lid and filter in the dishwasher.  The unit itself is easily cleaned.  I would recommend Faberware to my family and friends.

Eastchester, NY


The best tasting coffee maker-Farberware Perculator


This is the best tasting coffee. Perk the old way, the flavor is awesome. Every one was complaining about the Bunn coffee tasting bitter, now they are on to me, my coffee goes fast. One of the reasons is that you can take it completely apart and clean it.  The drip models retain moisture and mold, grow calcified particles.  I completely clean and dry this coffee pot and it tastes fresh everyday.

Daytona Beach, FL


Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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