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Farberware 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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I was thrilled to find an affordable coffee maker in red to match my other appliances.  the fact that I can set it to start automatically is a real convenience.  But when I just decide to have some coffee at any time of the day, I enjoy the fact that I can start it, and before it's finished brewing, because it has a 20 second pause, I can have a cup and go back for more later.  I had a pod coffee maker before but the pods were expensive and I really could never get the right combination so coffee was either too bitterly strong or too weak.  With the Farberware 10 cup, I seem to get a perfect blend all the time.  The triangular basket for the filter is also a good feature and the less expensive brands of filters work very well.  I recommend this particular model because you can make as little as two cups and as much as ten cups.  So if you're single and just need a morning pick-me up of if you are making a pot for the whole family, it suits you needs.

Wilkes Barre, PA


Farberware 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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