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Fantom Vacums FC251 Canister Vacuum

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love it


This vacuum is pretty amazing. My friend brought it over to my house for me to use because my vacuum broke on me. It was easy to get in the cracks with this vacuum and it sucked up things pretty good, I have a dog and it leaves dog fur all over and when i was using it, it picked up a lot of its hair. I was amazed. I told my friend that i have to get me one of these but i haven't bought mine yet. I don't have enough money to get it right now but i am saving up. I always thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on a vacuum when you could get a cheap one that works fine but this vacuum blew my mind. I would defiantly recommend you get it. I know i am going to



Fantom Vacums FC251 Canister Vacuum

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