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Fantastic Sam's
Fantastic Sam's Brand Shampoo

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I didn't notice a big difference when using Fantatic Sam's.


A friend of mine works at Fantastic Sams and she gave all of us a bottle of their brand of shampoo and conditioner.  I was excited to try it to see if it made a difference with my hair.  I normally use the cheapest thing out there since we are on a really tight budget.  My hair is somewhat dry and I have had some people comment on it.  I have used the shampoo for little over a month and I have not noticed a difference at all.  The conditioner was thicker and it felt different to me than what I normally use, but the shampoo has not improved the quality of my hair that I can see.  Maybe you have to use it longer, but the bottle is almost gone so I won't spend the extra money on this brand of shampoo and conditioner.  The bottle that I used has fantastic sams written on the bottle.  It is a white bottle and it is their basic brand not formulated for specific hair types.  I would not recommend this shampoo. 

Prescott Valley, AZ


Fantastic Sam's Brand Shampoo

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