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Fantasia Ic Olive Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites

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Just Not For ME


This product was just not for me.So many naturals recommend it, but it's just pure crap on my hair. It's drying, and caused SEVERE scalp irritation, It also flaked. I will never use this product again. :(

Chevy Chase, MD


i'm loving this hair gel


i use this gel for wash n go's. i make sure i apply water, leave in conditioner, and oil to my hair before i put the gel on my hair. i use these products so that the gel want dry cruchy on my hair which really helps keep my hair from turning dry and keeps it moisturized. if i didn't use the products, my hair will be completely dry which i really don't like. also, the gel smells good and it has a soft hold when i'm putting my hair up in a bun.

Riverside, CA


Fantasia IC Styling Gel is an excellent value!


I love hair products and it's an area where I will splurge. Funnily enough, it seems that the less-expensive products often work the best. This is definitely the case with Fantasia IC Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites. I bought it after reading positive reviews of it online and I'm glad I did. I am just running out of my container of the gel after having it for almost a year. It also works well on different types of hair. My hair is tightly curly and I smooth it on over my moisturizer both when I am wearing my hair out and when I am wearing my hair in a ponytail. My husband has loose curls and he uses the gel when he puts his hair back into a ponytail. It works well for both of us and gives flexible hold. It is not hard or sticky. It washes out easily and I have not experienced any issues with it building up or flaking. It doesn't have a scent (and if it does, it's an unoffensive scent, because I'm really sensitive to smell and I've never noticed it). This product has help me cut down on the number of styling products I use because moisturizer plus the Fantasia IC gel is all I need when I'm wearing my hair in its natural state. It helps me achieve a put-together look with minimal styling effort.

Wilmington, NC


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


 I am an African-American woman with natural, dry, kinky, curly, thick, coarse hair. With that being said, it is very difficult for me to find a hair gel that is not going to dry my hair out or make it flake. IC Fantasia Olive Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites is a life saver. This gel makes my hair feel very moisturized in addition to giving it a soft, yet firm, hold. In addition to all of giving it moisture, it also happens to define my curls very nicely. After washing and conditioning my hair, I apply a moisturizing product to my wet/damp hair (I have found that this product works the best when my hair is damp). I put some of the gel on my damp hair and brush throughout my hair to evenly distribute it. Afterwards, I am immediately looking at perfectly defined, frizz-free curls. I love the fact tha ti don't even have to wait until my hair dries to rock it.... and the style can last for DAYS!  Not to mention that my hair feels better conditioned the next time I wash it. I love it!

Sacramento, CA


Can't live without it...


I absolutely love Fantasia IC Olive Gel.  I am an African American woman with natural hair and this product leaves my hair wonderfully curly and manageable without giving it that sticky "gel" feeling.  Not only is it a wonderful product, but it is very inexpensive and easy to find.  I recommend this product to anyone who wants a hair gel that can accentuate curls and lay down fly-away edges without making your hair hard or crunchy.  I buy this gel two or three jars at a time, so I never run out.  I've tried lots of other gels and this one out-performs them all.

Decatur, GA


Fantasia Ic Olive Styling Gel with Sparkle Lites

4.2 5