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Fannie May
Fannie May Assorted Chocolates

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I wopuld not buy pre-boxed sale candy


I bought a box of pixies which Fannie Mae delivered to the Jewels sore to sell. The pecans were so stale the taste overwhelmed the chocolate. The customer service person at Jewels said they had received the candy the day before. The Fannie Mae salesperson claimed Jewels had sold candy they had frozen for a long and then sold. and told me the candy looked old when I showed it to them. In the future I will only buy candy displayed at the counter and not buy candy on sale, such as buy one box and get one box free


Country Club Hills, IL


Great company and chocolate


It is at this time of year that I remember Fannie May's Chocolates the most. First and foremost, I will say that I think Fannie May Chocolates, for the most part, are expensive. I don't know how long Fanny May Chocolates has been around. I have been utilizing their services personally for about 7 years now. The services themselves are excellent. They are very efficient in processing my order and keeping me in the know on the process and progress of my products. The gifts I have sent and have personally received were always very well received. They always arrived as expected and, as accurately as they were pictured on the site. As for the candy and chocolates themselves, my favorites are the jelly hearts and the dark chocolate covered cherries. The jelly hearts have a very deep cherry flavor. I absolutely love them. They are not cheaply made at all. The dark chocolate covered cherries are the clear liquid centers rather than the cheaply made white thick, overly sweet stuff. The liquid is exactly as it is supposed to be, clear and delicious. The cherries taste crisp and delicious, not all mushy. The dark chocolate is bitter sweet and delicious. I highly recommend them. As a company and a product. I never purchased them in a store so I can only speak of my online experiences.




Way Past its Prime


I grew up on Fannie May chocolates.  They have been a long time family tradition going back to my Grandfather buying them for his 27 grand kids on the holidays.  Thirty something years later, I find out that they are now freezing the chocolates for several years before they hit the shelf.  Wow, that totally confirms why the quality has gone way down.  the chocolate creams are hard (and when I mean hard), the chocolate creams are like "rock candy" and crumbly in your mouth.  I wish I could say this was just one box, but it has happened several time to me and to several of my cousins.  Do I recommend them...?  Several years ago I did, and I boasted about them as being equal to some of the best chocolates out there.  Now, they are near the bottom and would not recommend them to anyone.  It is a shame.  I say thuis with a tear in my eye. Good Luck Fannie May...You could have been the best..!


Fort Walton Beach, FL


Some of My Favorite Chocolates


**Fannie May Assorted Chocolates** are one of my favorite chocolate brands.  Sometimes while shopping in the mall, I'd get a little hungry and stop by a** Fannie May Assorted Chocolates **store for a quick energizer.  After one bite of **Fannie May Assorted Chocolates**, and I am good to go.


Chicago, IL


There is nothing better than Fannie May Chocolates!


Having previously lived in the Chicagoland area, I became fortunate enough to be able to have **FANNY MAY CHOCOLATES**.  My favorite are the Trinidads.  All variaties of the Fannie May candies are outstanding in quality and taste.  The chocolates are creamy and melt in your mouth.  The caramels are soft and chewy.  The turtles are so wonderful.  I can't think of any kind of their candies that are not outstanding.  They are far superior to any other brands of chocolates that cost much more or less.  **FANNY MAY CHOCOLATES ARE NUMBER ONE IN MY HEART** and in my tummy too!  If you get the chance to try them, give yourself the treat of doing so.


Kansas City, MO


Fannie May Assorted Chocolates

3.4 5