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Fanci-Full  Touch Up Stick

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Fanci-Full Can Touch Up Hair Color In A Hurry


I wanted a temporary fix to cover a few gray strands, and I heard about **FanciFull Touch Up Stick**.   I wasn't sure if it would work for my situation, but it only cost a few bucks and it was only temporary anyway.  I decided it was worth a try. Out of the package, the Fanci Full Touch Up Stick resembles a short, stubby crayon.  To apply, I dampened the stick with water, and after a minute or so began to color my gray strands.  On the plus side, the color did take and stayed put until I washed it out.  On the negative side, the color (medium brown) didn't look at all natural.  In addition, it was harder to apply the color down a longer strand than it would be if you just stuck to coloring the roots.  The crayon tended to dry up and the results ended up looking a little splotchy.  I don't know if hair texture has anything to do with the results, but my results were so-so at best.  It wasn't really the solution I was looking for and I ended up buying a box of **Loving Care** temporary hair color ([reviewed here][1] ) that worked so much better. Overall, I think **Fanci Full Touch Up Stick** is a product that can help when you need to touch up your roots in a hurry.  If you want color that lasts through more than one shampoo, then you'll have better luck with a different product.  Otherwise, Fanci Full is a cheap solution to have on hand when you need a touch of color in a hurry. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Clairol-Loving-Care-Dark-Brown-079-review-642e2

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Fanci-Full Touch Up Stick

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