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Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color #21 Plush Brown

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I have used this in the past and its seriously not worth it. Let me add that i have not only used this once, but have given it multiple opportunities!! The bottle is pretty big so you think you are getting a pretty good deal, but you are not! You basically put it in your hair, let it sit, then rinse it out without even the slightest tint of color remaining. Not to mention it takes over half of the bottle to cover a single head. If you ask me, it is basically colored water that does not do a darn thing. I would recommend that you all save yourselves the time, and save yourselves the money! I ask you that you please take this review into consideration before you buy this product. Thank you for reading!



I wanted something to cover grays


I purchased the fanci-full temporary hair color #21- Plush Brown to cover some gray hairs that seem to always poke through between colorings. Being that I am only 29, I hate the fact that I have to cover grays already so I thought I would give this a whirl. Well I am completely dissatisfied. You are supposed to wash and rinse hair as normal and towel dry, then apply the fanci-full color. It is very runny, has color but it does not color grays when applied to the hair. All of my grays were still noticeable and my hair became very shiny. I tried running it through with my fingers and with a cotton ball as they say to do and I got no results. You know when you put gel in your hair and it gets that wet greasy look? That is all this stuff did to my hair. I am very un-impressed and will contact the company for a full refund like they offer.

Centuria, WI


Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color #21 Plush Brown

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