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Falken - 305/40/22 Tires

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Waste Of Money and Time


I was shopping around and comparing prices for new tires. I spoke to the sales representative at the tire shop and he recommended the Falken 305/40/22 tires for my vehicle. I did take his advice and purchased the tires. I now wish that I had gone with something completely different. I have had so much trouble out of the Falken tires. First, the tire was losing air around the valve stem. After having this problem fixed, I continued to run into more problems. The tread on the tires seem to wear down rather quickly. I don't feel as though these are good tires for everyday driving. I purchased the tires in January and was replacing them by April. I feel as though the Falken tires are a waste of money. I would never purchase these particular tires again. Also, I would never recommend anyone to buy these tires. These tires are cheaply made. Don't waste your time or money on Falken tires.




I have replaced them over 4 times in one year, hate them!


I have had my dodge for over 6 years and in 4 of the six years no problem with tires. In the last 2 years I have had Falken Tires and nothing but trouble!!! I have had the tires replaced 3 times in 2 years, one of the back tires another 2 times! Now I have my 2 front tires blown out and they were just put on in March of 09, not even a year ago!  I am also now finding out that many others have the same issue's. I am a mother of six children and work very hard, these tires are putting me in the poor house! DO NOT GET THESE TIRES Please!  Yokahama and Bridge Stone are the tires people are telling me to get. I have to borrow from my kids just to get another 4 new tires. Trust me Falken will be hearing from me!


New Port Richey, FL


Falken - 305/40/22 Tires

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