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Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

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Great for travel.


This cooktop has a really wide range of cooking temperatures.I love this to use on vacation.I can still make a variety of dishes and not just settle for simple things like soup or canned meals.There also an array of settings for power level.To do things sear,melt butter,boil water,for stir fry dishes,and power levels from low to high.It also has a warmer setting.There are recipe cards included.I've had a lot of enjoyment with these.The materials used to make this machine look and feel high quality.They appear to be long lasting.It heats up pretty quickly too.It cooks faster than my conventional oven on the same setting.The surface is large and fits bigger pans on it as well.There's a temperature display that tells you the exact temperature it's on.This is lightweight so not complicated to take on vacation.It's a pretty powerful appliance.It has 1800 watts.Easy to clean off.The surface is smooth and makes it easier because of that.


Springdale, UT


Induction for the win!


The Fagor is my first induction cooktop and I like it a lot. Cookware must have a magnetic bottom, so it works with stainless steel and cast iron. Induction is energy efficient as it heats up the cookware only. Water boils much much faster than when I use my electric oven range. I primarily use it for cooking oatmeal, pasta, and for hot pot. The portability makes it very convenient to move it to my kitchen table or bring it to a friend's house. The unit has a lot of temperature and power settings, so you can control the heat accurately and quickly. When you power it down, the surface cools down very fast as well. It'll be hot but not to the point of the chance of being burned! In terms of price, the Fagor is on the steep side, but it's something that I use regularly. I wish I had this in college! Overall, I'd recommend the Fagor Induction Cooktop for anyone looking to cook quickly and efficiently.


Downers Grove, IL


Energy efficient. Easy to clean but has high pitched hum


We ordered one of these portable cooktops to take with us on camping trips but have since appropriated it for our kitchen. It is small enough that is tucks right into a cabinet drawer under the counter top. We just pop it out and sit on the counter when we're ready to use it. It looks sleek, is easy to use and very easy to clean. Most of the time I use soap and water but if there is ever a spill, I use cooktop cleaner. It does heat cookware quickly just as advertised and the "lock" feature is useful if you have small children who might inadvertently turn it on. It also will beep repeatedly if it is on but there is no cookware on it. It will power on but it will not get hot until you place a pan on it. In advertising, they say induction cooktops themselves do not get hot and that is technically true but a bit misleaading. The heat is transferred to the cookware and technically, the stove top does not heat up but there is always some heat transfer back the the cooktop from the pan- just like if you sit a cup of hot coffee on a table, the part of the table it comes in contact with will be warm to the touch. For that reason, if you touch the cooktop immediately after cooking, you may get burned, but you won't like the sensation. The only true negative is an annoying high pitched hum/whine that occurs when the cookware if heating. It actually sound worse two rooms away than it does in the same room. Once it has reached equilibrium, the hum goes away. There is also an automatic cooling fan that runs for a minute or so after you turn it. It coold down quickly so you can clean it or put it away. We use this more in the summer time when we don't waant to heat up the house with our regular cooktop.


Rocky Face, GA


Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

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