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Liquid Fabric Softener
Fabuloso Fabric Softener

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Addictive Scent, Affordable Price


I love Fabuloso Cleaner for its great value, reliable performance and delightful scent, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that they make a fabric softener too. I'll admit my expectations were extremely high because of my experience with their other product but Fabuloso Fabric Softener managed to live up to its name. The price was great and the quality of the product was, well, fabulous! I used it first to wash a chlorine-saturated load of towels from the pool and they came out fluffy soft and smelling amazing. That great scent really lasted too. After a week in the linen closet, I could still smell that addictive scent on them. I can't get enough of the softness either. It makes me want to bury my head in the linen closet. Ok, so maybe I actually did bury my head in the linen closet. I highly recommend this product though. Anyone who buys it and doesn't like it can just give it to me. Just look for me in the linen closet.



Works just as well as other leading brands


I tend to not buy a lot of fabric softners because of the prices. Fabric softner has now become as pricey if not pricier than laundry detergent. I like how fabric softners add softness to your clothes but can not always afford it until I found fabuloso. This product is reasonably priced and delivers what it advertises. It makes all my clothes from various types of different fabrics very soft and the smell is extremely pleasant. My daughter can't wait for her clothes to come out of the dryer so she can smell them. The product does not leave stains on my clothes like some other leading brands. It comes in various different scents for differnt smell preferences.  However, it is not concentrated and sometimes seems to look more watery than other top leading brands. Overall a good reasonably priced product that refreshes clothes without leaving stains of softner on them.

Gilbert, AZ


Fabuloso Fabric Softener-Nice Smell


Fabuloso softner has a nice smell. I used this product in my laundry of course, but else were in the house. I wipe down the bathroom walls, sink, tub and floors along with the kitchen applicances. This softner does wonder with the laundry and all through out the house.

Teaneck, NJ


Fabuloso Fabric Softener

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