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FORM Hunger Management System

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Helps you eat less


The Form Hunger Management System does help to make you feel full. You take a caplet or two before eating, about a half hour, with a glass of water. Inside the pills there are little capsules that when are mixed with water form a sort of solid gel. So when you eat your stomach has already been filled partially, with about a half cup to a cup of gel. So you eat less. It did help me eat less and I did not have any side effects from taking it. My husband took it as well. However, I decided to stop taking it after a month, even though I lost a little weight. I figured I needed to start eating healthy and doing exercise as this would have a better long time effect on me and my lifestyle. Effectiveness It does help you eat less and with continued use, along with exercise, you should lose weight. It makes you eat less and that helps you lower your weight. Side Effects I had no side effects taking this pill and I took it for about a month. Enough time to see if you would have bad side effects or not.

Minneapolis, MN


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I heard about the Form Diet Pill from a friend.  So I decided to try it.  I have tried verious diet pills without any success.  The Form pill is supposed to make you feel full, and it is taken 1/2 an hour prior to meal.  It abvously makes you feel full, but you need to ensure that you are still getting the proper protein, amino acid, vitamins your body needs.  I was able to lose 4 pounds in a month which is really a good amount of weight to lose, but I decided to stop taken it due to health concern or possible side effects.  I realized that losing weight is a life style change not a diet pill.  So I am trying to lose weight by changing my food diet, excersize, and enjoying a more active life style.  The pill diet weight loss is temporary, but a life style change is more permanent.  I am losing one pound a month, but I feel much better about myself and my health. 

Murrieta, CA


FORM Hunger Management System

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