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FORA V30a Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Fora V30a test strips work each time. No error messages.


When Len received his Blood Glucose Monitoring System, he was also sent 4 boxes of 50 test strips. The make of them are Fora V30a Blood Glucose Test Strips. They are in 2 sealed containers with 25 in each. They have a use by date on the side. Len uses them with the machine. It is simple to insert them into the Fora Monitor. Once done the machine comes on. It is a talking machine, and tells you what to do. You only need the smallest amount of blood for it to work. These test strips work every time. With other test strips that need more blood, he would get an error come up. I can't tell you how much they are, as they come free, from his H.M.O.

New Port Richey, FL


FORA V30a Blood Glucose Test Strips

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