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Glucose Monitor
FORA Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Fora V30a Blood Glucose Monitor works great every time.


With Len's H.M.O.s he has had at least a dozen different glucose monitoring systems. The one he received 7 months ago is the Fora V30a Blood Glucose Monitoring System. I have to say that it doesn't look attractive. It is white and has gray around the L.C.D. It is also fairly heavy compared to some of the other brands. What is great is that it only needs a tiny amount of blood to work. I watched Len using it this morning, and then he tested my sugar with it too. He inserted the test strip and the meter came on. He put the tiny amount of blood to the edge of the strip, and it sucked it up. The meter counted down, and his sugar level showed up. This is stored in the meter. It is a talking machine, and will guide you through these steps. If you need to take your readings often it has the ability to have 4 daily alarm settings. Len does his twice a day, and mine is checked every 3 months. Len has used this one in conjunction with another meter, and it seems to be accurate. Len didn't pay for his, so I can't tell you how much it cost.

New Port Richey, FL


FORA Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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