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FNOB Direct

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Best Savings Rates Available On The Internet, Well Almost


***Bottom-Line***: Despite the sliding interest rate and lackluster website, overall, I am very satisfied with **FNBO Direct**, and I will be leaving my money there for the foreseeable future. No doubt, few Americans have heard of the **FNBO Direct; **it** **is a subsidiary of *First National of Nebraska*, a multi-state holding company located in downtown *Omaha*, with a strong banking heritage that dates back over 150 years.  The *First National of Nebraska* and its affiliates have more than $20 billion in managed assets and 7,500 employees located in 35 states.  Sounds rock solid enough for me. **FNBO**** Direct**** **is an Internet only concern that completes with the likes of *HSBC* and *ING*, among others in this arena.   **FNBO**** Direct** offers (high yield) online savings and online Bill-Pay accounts, as well as (high yield) *Certificates of Deposit*, and a point motivated *Visa Card*.  **My Viewpoint ** The **FNBO**** Direct*** Saving Account* I opened for myself could be started with no minimum deposit; I have to maintain no minimum balance; there is no monthly fee, and the account offers 24-hour online access via fnbodirect.com.  At the time it was the best rate on the Internet, including *HSBC*, which is why I chose the bank.  Another contributing factor: the ability to transfer fund into and out of the account in 24-hours for free!     The account comes with an ATM Card that can be used throughout the *PLUS Network*. According to the website *"**FNBO Direct will charge $2.50 for each withdrawal at a (sic) ATM not owned by FNBO.  A balance inquiry is charged $1.00 for using an ATM not owned by FNBO."*  However, there is no ATM locator service on the website. Fortunately for me *U.S. Bank* and* JP Morgan Chase* are both members of the *PLUS Networks*, so no worries.  Another sore point: the interest rate on my on-line saving account has continued to plummet, heading as it were, right into the basement.  This of course is due to the recession, but still...The rate is sitting at 1.65%, down a substantial amount in the six months since I opened it.  Very disappointing, but still the rate is higher than any local bank I could have parked my money in.   

Aurora, IL


FNOB Direct

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