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FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter - Wireless FM Transmitter

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Amazing Transmitter and So easy to use


Literally took two seconds to hook it up and it was working. This thing is AMAZING. We own an older vehicle and dont have any bluetooth or Aux options for us to use our phone to listen to music through the car speakers. I plugged this in and turned it to a radio station frequency that I chose and instantly music was playing through my truck speakers from my phone :) I couldnt be more pleased and my kids are over the moon because they can now listen to their movies ect right through the car speakers. This is one amazing purchase.



The EASIEST Wireless FM Transmitter to use.


Here is what you do - ESPECIALLY if you live in Minnesota where most Wireless FM Transmitters DO NOT WORK!!!! Get this one.  Just search Wireless FM Transmitter on eBay and look for the exact one in the picture I uploaded. It works, it is EASY to use - unlike expensive ones or others I have tried where you have to program this or that...ARGH.  While driving?  Really?  This one you: 1) Plug into device - and I plug into car lighter as I have yet to put batteries in it. 2) Tune radio to one of the four frequencies listed - if just scratchy noise or static it should be a good station.  107.3 works best in Twin Cities - except SMALL section of 694 between about Lex and 35E 3) Turn on desired device.  I have used with XM Satellite MyFi, iPod, Zen, iTouch and my Blackberry.  ANYTHING you can plug a set of headphones into will work.  4) Enjoy your own music, sattelite radio, or Pandora. Ahhhh. 

Minneapolis, MN


FM Transmitter - Wireless FM Transmitter

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