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FLOR Carpet Design Squares

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Deteriorating aesthetics


First of all, I think it is a good product. However, over the years the aesthetic sophistication has declined considerably to the point there is nothing I would personally purchase that doesn't look cartoon-like. Gone are the suites and nuances of color and sophisticated textures. These have all be discontinued over time. I have turned to commercial products where I can find a degree of sophistication, though they too have been tainted by garish patterning. Textile, particularly synthetic, should know their place in the design hierarchy and commit to being background, fields of texure, etc. Rarely if ever should a rug made of nylon and PVC squares try to immolate a rug. For heavens sake, buy a rug if that is the intent. I do applaud the concept though and have found no quality issues. Oddly enough, I find them a joy to install wall to wall.

Washington DC


Only One Thing Wrong


Ive done 2 rooms with Flor, bedroom and living room. ONLY ONE THING WRONG! Do not buy Flor if you have puppies not house trained, or babies not fully potty trained. Liquid seeps through the carpet part into the rubber backing. This cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Once its marked by dogs, they will keep going back to it, or smell other odors, like babies. I had to throw everything away. There goes a 1000.00 bucks. And I'm not about keeping 1000.00 of new Flor products around for messes.

Arlington, MA


Love my FLOR


We love our FLOR rug, which is under the dining room table. Normally with a small child I would not want a rug under my table, too hard to clean, but the soft pine wood under the table and chairs was getting damaged so a rug was better than new wood flooring. The tiles went together well and stay down. We've gotten several food stains, and cat output. We remove the tile, rinse it off, let it dry, then put it back. Love it. We are lucky enough to live in a city with a showroom, so I went there and looked at all the samples, and had a designer assist with the design of the rug. I highly recommend visiting the showroom or ordering samples if you can. I did buy a smaller rug without looking at samples, and it looked just like the pictures. Some reviews state that it looks like tiles vs an area rug. It is true, nothing really looks like an area rug except an actual area rug. If you're ok with a modern modular take on an area rug, that you can remove individual pieces of to clean or replace, then this is awesome. If you want something that really truly looks like one piece of woven material, then go for the rug, or pick a pattern or layout with variety of orientation.

Seattle, WA


Beware, Flor Does Not Stand Behind Their Products


Tile unraveled on the edge after 3 months of use. Contacted Flor Support and they said it was the result of steam cleaning or the tile getting wet. Our tiles have neither been steam cleaned nor wet. Can't even replace the tile at my own cost because the style has been discontinued. Nice concept...too bad Flor won't stand behind products. Consider this before you buy!



Still So Smelly 6 months in


We got these trying to make a somewhat health conscious and water conscious choice for our basement flooring. Cork seemed out of our price range so we settled on FLOR tiles. I deeply regret it. 6 months on they are still off gassing a chemically smell to the point I cannot be in the basement for more than a half hour and I am loathe to let my young kids down there. I can taste it in the air on my tounge. We keep the windows open and the humidifiers cranked. The smell is often pulled upstairs. We aired them out in the garage pre and post installation. I cannot recommend these. They are certainly not good for your health.

Chicago, IL

Horrible Customer Service


Be sure to take the time to order a sample. I did not and the carpet looked NOTHING like the image online. FLOR does not offer free return shipping and they hide their policy that sale items are non-refundable in fine print instead of having on the actual product page, while you're placing the order or on your receipt. Very shady. For something like carpet that you need to see in your home to decide this company is not the one to work with.



be wary



Anaheim CA


Waste of Money


The only thing good about this carpet tile area rug was the design I chose. It should have been 24 tiles to put together WHICH IS WHAT YOU ARE LED TO BELIEVE. It turned out to be 48 pieces. The tiles were cut in arched pieces. Some pieces were less that a 16th of and inch. Try making them stick with the dots. The cuts were not precise so the pattern never matched properly. You can tell where each piece of carpet tile is. Lines everywhere. It does not blend into an area rug. The pieces keep separating. I ordered extra sticky dots and have put this together 5 times over the past 6 months. It is not in a high traffic area. Make sure you order samples for true nap and color. The description of the tiles is inaccurate. You cannot shampoo this rug! Make sure you put the rug exactly where you want it to be because you cannot easily move it. Better yet, DO NOT PURCHASE IT!!!

boyne city, MI


Nope, don't do it.


I do not recommend using this company for your flooring needs. The product looks nice, but does not last long and is very overpriced. Other companies are able to offer a higher quality product at less than half the price. It's also a risk to buy from this company, because they force you to get the product shipped to your home at a high cost, and if anything is wrong with the product, customer service will belittle you over the phone and make you pay shipping (which can be $100+) to return it. They will then only give you a partial refund. Avoid.

Washington, DC


Web image should match the product.


We ordered an area rug online. When it arrived it was much lighted that the online image. When I asked for a credit or to be able to use their bulk rate for return shipping they refused. It cost $150 to return the rug. If it had been the color I ordered I would have understood. When the item that arrives isn't what was ordered, they need to cut the customer a little slack.

Seattle, Wa


FLOR Carpet Design Squares

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