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FINIS - Swimp3 Player

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Swim to a great beat!


I just learned to swim this year and I'm doing it for exercise.  After a few laps, I found myself concentrating too hard on whether or not my arms are doing the strokes properly or are my legs kicking quickly enough.  Every time I thought about one thing, I would mess up on something else.  I found that this mp3 player took my mind off of my swimming techniques and let me enjoy the music that I like to listen to.  And in turn, my swimming techniques improved!  The music sounds just like it would sound in any other type of mp3 player.  I love this thing and would quickly recommend to anyone.


North Royalton, OH


Its marvelous!


I've used Finis's underwater MP3 player for 4 years.  Swimming to music makes my workouts longer and easier for me to sustain a good stroke.  Everyone I let try it wants to get one.  It comes with goggles and software.  The software is the easiest to use of all the MP3 software I've had.  I use it for burning CD's, too.  This MP3 player is charged through the USB port of your computer.  There is no battery to replace.  I bought a second one as a back-up in case anything ever happens to mine.  I'd hate to be without it!  


Alexandria, VA


FINIS - Swimp3 Player

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