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Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift & Circle Reducer

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Great Eye Cream, Really Does Work!


I absolutely LOVE this eye cream! I received this as a gift and never got around to using it until recently after my eight month old has been depriving me of sleep since she was born and it's taking it's toll on my under eyes and skin. I definately am in need of an eye cream that promises what it delivers and Eyliplex-2 does just that. I love that this cream has a daytime jar and a nighttime jar attached in one convenient container. I use the daytime cream before putting on my makeup and I can instantly feel my skin around my eyes getting tighter and more firmer. It helps to diminsh my under eye circles! The night time cream helps to revive my tired eyes after a busy day with no sleep. I am always skeptical about beauty products like wrinkle creams or under eye creams working, but this product really does work well. I am not sure as to how much it costs since it was a gift, but I think I have seen it at Kohls in the beauty department. Effectiveness Works great!

Wadsworth, OH


Eyliplex-2 is a fast acting miracle eye cream.


eyliplex-2 is the first high end eye cream that I have ever purchased. I began with just purchasing things that were lower in price with very little results. Finally I realized that I may have to step it up a little and pay for quality (easier said than done, right). But it really does work. There are two sections in one container, one for morning that lifts and tightens around the eye and one for the night that helps to reduce dark circles. The first week I used it I started to see results with the day cream, it is more of a cold gel. The night cream is more thick and took a few more days to see results but I thought it was well worth it. Now people dont look at me and say " Oh, you look so tired."

Centerville, IN


Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift & Circle Reducer

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