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Exuviance Home Resurfacing Peel System

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Exuviance Home Resurfacing Peel System: Time- and Money-Waster!


The Exuviance Home Resurfacing Peel System is, per the packaging information, a "dermatologist developed...; professional level peel...; with a 25% peel blend of glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone." The packaging also indicates "2 easy steps: peel and neutralize." My take? Buyer beware! First, this peel/resurfacing system is NOT a two-easy-steps system! How in the world can this system involve "2 easy steps" when it includes a total of FIVE different items: single-use peels, a purifying cleansing gel, neutralizing solution, a multi-protective day creme [sic] w/ 15 spf, and an evening restorative complex??? Second, this entire peel system has so many steps entailed with it (cleanse, use peel pad, wait 10 minutes, neutralize peel with spray-on peel neutralizer, rinse AGAIN with gel or water, and then moisturize!) that it is an incredible inconvenience, a major hassle, and a tremendous time-suck! The system is so draining and time-consuming that it actually aged me --- I've seen absolutely NO RESULTS WHATSOEVER. All in all, the Exuviance Home Resurfacing Peel System has too many items and is falsely advertised as being "2 easy steps" when it's actually a minimum of FIVE UNEASY steps! Moreover, these five steps don't include the time-consuming process entailed with repeatedly having to adjust the peel neutralizer's spray nozzle to remain unlocked and in 'spray' position, all while keeping YOUR EYES AND MOUTH CLOSED for protection. In fact, by the time you've reached this 'spraying' step, you're so frustrated by the inconvenience and time consumption, as well as regretful you've wasted so much money, you might as well keep your eyes open because you're going to be crying anyway! Finally, after all the tears have been wiped away, application of either the day creme [sic] or evening moisturizer comes into play. I'm unsure what exactly Exuviance puts in their creams or moisturizers, but the feel of this stuff is so rough and just plain terrible (I've no words to describe it!) that you then have to deal with yet ANOTHER painstaking step: immediately washing everything off! Save your money and time! You're better off with a stick of butter!


Los Angeles, CA


Exuviance Home Resurfacing Peel System

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