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Expressrooms.com (formerly Quickrooms.com)

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Cheap hoidays on building sites!


I booked 13 nights at Odyssia Hotel Crete through Expressrooms. You are told by their Customer Services that if accommodation is not as advertised they would transfer you. The hotel was constructing a third storey on their hotel buildings which I would consider to be major building work. However I was told there was no building work and they refused to transfer me. I noted belatedly that within their terms and conditions it states there could be building work so possibly they are cheap because they are selling accommodation where there is building work in progress Ease of Use So called 'resort team' refuse to visit you and takes 15 minutes to contact them




A clunky site for finding hotel rooms, without any good deals


Expressrooms.com is the new name for what used to be known as Quickrooms.com. The front page is both clunky and cluttered and this trend continues throughout the site, making for a poor browsing experience. There's a box up front where you enter info for city, dates etc to get hotel deals. The site then comes up with a list of hotels and prices, but none of the prices are deals - they're the values you would get if you walked in to those hotels tonight, with no reservation. For example, one hotel was listed at $272 and change for a night. That same hotel, for that same night, is being offered for $65 a night on a deal site. But if you check the hotel's website, you get the $272 price. So, expressrooms appears to just be combing for the at-source prices of the hotels. The site is based in the UK and so is the customer service line. The room rates are shown in GBP by default, even though I selected a US hotel. But changing the currency is easy.


Boston, MA


Quickrooms.com Offers Great Last Minute Deals


Hotel and other lodging is commonly purchased through the internet. Telephone reservations are still made by some, but the internet is the popular place to go when making lodging and other travel purchases. Finding a great deal is always nice and there are, in fact, many last minute deals that offer lodging at very low rates. One site that can be used for this purpose is Quickrooms.com. Web Site Facts and Commentary: Quickrooms.com is a place for lodging and the site displays a search function right in the center of the home page so that interested travellers can begin their search. There is usually a featured destination on the home page and a few subsections that include destination guides, FAQ's, and links to other sites. I stay in lodging accommodations for vacation travel and weekend getaways for 15 to 25 days each year and I count on the internet to supply me with deals I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. With Quickrooms.com, there are, indeed, some very good deals to be had and the last minute low prices remind me of Hotline and other discount sites, minus the bidding aspect. The destination guides at Quickrooms.com are useful for learning a little more about your destination before you go, but one small complaint I must make with this service is that the destination and hotel information is limited. You can't just click the button and view everything you want about the place you're going. There is only a little bit of info and only a couple of pictures. This limits the site's usefulness and it means you may have to use another service to get more in- depth info on your desired hotel and/or destination. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Quickrooms.com is a good web service for finding cut- rate deals on rooms and the service is useful for that reason alone. A little product information would make it better but considering the good prices, it is still a service worth checking out. Ease of Use Easy to use, mainly because it is a limited service Features Gives you the basics, but not much more.


Houston, TX


Cheap Cheap Cheap


I must say of a quick look i thought the prices of their website excluded extra fee's etc, however they dont all prices on their website are the final prices for accommodation plus their ATOL registered which put my mind to rest


Virginia Beach, VA


Booked with Quickroom.com - Cheapest Hotel rates when compared


Excellent service was provided by Quickrooms.com they truely beat all prices when compared with similar hotel accommodation websites for a 7 nights stay in the Luxor hotel in las vegas. Also to add they have a full ATOL bond so your protected, we'll definatley use them again on our next trip to paris next year.


Perry, MO


QuickRooms.com - Cheap hotel room supplier worldwide country's


This company has by far the most cheapest prices from hotel accommodation around the world. Not only can book hotels anywhere in the world but you can also book holiday accommodation even when in a different country! How do i know this you ask? I was on holiday in Thailand over 2 months ago now and my brother got a really cheap flight over with his girlfriend and i then said i'll sort out the hotel and i did this whilst on holiday in thailand and got a far cheaper rate than what the hotel was asking for direct in person! I'll be recommending Quickrooms to all my friend and family as i'll be definatley be using their service again. John


Palm Beach, FL


Expressrooms.com (formerly Quickrooms.com)

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