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Exchange Select Jumbo Ultrathin Diapers Diapers

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A Budget Friendly Surprise


These diapers are those available to military families at their local base exchange store. It is the exchange store brand. It is about half the price of Huggies or Pampers diapers of the same fit size and package size. Their price does not represent their performance. I decided to give these a try when I saw the difference in price and I am very glad I did. I hated going through so many expensive diapers a day that I even tried cloth diapers hoping to save some money. Turned out I hated the cloth ones so it was back to disposable ones immediately.These are great diapers to use throughout the day when you are changing the most diapers. I do not use them at night though because they do leak for my daughter if used all night long. My daughter sleeps, on average, twelve hours or more each night and very few diapers can handle this kind of time frame so I do not see that as a weakness of this diaper brand, just a strength of the brands that can handle it. The military store occasionally offers coupons on these diapers but not as often as the name brands since they are so much cheaper already. They come in a neutral design made for boys or girls. My daughter also has very sensitive skin, getting diaper rashes very easily and these diapers have not caused us such troubles. I will be using these until she out of diapers and with our next one when we are ready.



They do the trick and are less bulky.


After being stuck on Huggies for the longest time, I got tired of spending all that money, so I decided to go ahead and try the AAFEES Exchange brands. The Jumbo Ultra Thin Diapers for boys and girls actually ARE really thin, and my daughter looks less like a diaperwearing baby and more like a sophisticated toddler in these. So far they survived even the more explosive events. The only thing I don't like are the closing snaps, they don't stick quite as well as other brands, especially not after a nosey toddler had to peek inside the diaper, but other than that they're great!

Clarksville, TN


Exchange Select Jumbo Ultrathin Diapers Diapers

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