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Excel 24 in. Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Combination


This Excel 24 in. steel chest and roller combination has eight ball bearing slide drawers for easy access to your tools. This unit also has a lockable chest, side handles on the chest, storage compartment, full length aluminum drawer pulls, a tough industrial powder coat paint finish for scratch and corrosion resistance, and 3in. x 1 in. casters for easy mobility.

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Our garage is finally organized!


I never in my wildest imagination thought that I could be excited about a tool chest! However this is no ordinary tool chest! The Excel 24in. Tool Chest and roller Cabinet Combination has actually given me back my valuable garage space. My husband has way more tools than he knows what to do with. For many years they were just randomly scattered all over the garage! I bought him this tool chest hoping he could finally get our garage into a somewhat organized place. It took some time and effort on his part, but I believe we are finally on the right track. This tool chest is so versatile and has such great storage potential! It also has the added feature of being mobile with wheels! My husband is now able to have all his tools in one place and he can move the tool chest right to the project he is working on. This cabinet is so sturdy and well made and I am so pleasantly surprised by how many tools can fit in this tool chest. I highly recommend this tool chest to anyone who is looking for a place to store all those tools!



Very poor quality


I purchased the excel 24 inch tool chest and roller cabinet combination for my husband as a birthday gift. I don't know that much about tools or accessories for them and usually rely on reviews or my trust in what the salesperson is telling me. Unfortunately, it was a bad buy. I recently started buying tools because my husband is a handy man when he's not working and its something I know he's into. So when I seen such a good sale on this and what looked like a good product for holding his tools, turned out to be terrible quality and a wasting of money and my time, not to mention feeling like I got a horrible gift for him. When it arrived, I had a friend of mine come by and give me a hand to build it because I knew it would take too long. There were so many things to put together. After over four hours we finally finished but not really because the whole thing was leaning to the left. We seen one of the wheels would not attatch properly no matter how many times we tried. On top of that, when I pulled the draws open to see how much space and noticed the top draw literally would only open if you strongly pulled out the draw causing it to move the entire thing around. As I was beginning to realize this was a piece of cheap metal, I notice a big dent to the side of it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I gave it to my husband in shame and he made me feel better and acted hsppy and used it. It lasted two months and the draw was sticking again, tipped over and sent my husbands blood pressure through the roof and that was the end. Thank goodness I was able to get a refund and something better. Would not recommenf at all,



Excel 24 in. Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Combination

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