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Excedrin Express Gels

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It worked


I took this product before one of my smaller migraine attacks and it took the edge off enough to save my more expensive heavy hitting medicine. I try to save those. It worked pretty fast. And I was shocked that it actually did anything. Usually otc medicines dont even touch it. It is kind of pricey. If I had the extra money to get them I probably would. But I definitely recommend them.



it is 50/50 for me with excedrin


At first I LOVED Excedrin. I swore off the cheap asprin brand and all. i tend to have terrible headache frequently. I would take it all the times for a long time. However I started to have headache more often more than usual. I thought there was something wrong with me. I googled it up and found out that if i over use the excedrin, i will get even more frequent headache because it has caffine in it while other asprin normally do not have any caffine in it. I drink iced tea and coke all the times, it also has caffine in it, so if i take excedrin along with coke, iced tea, or even chocolate, it makes it worse when you are a long time user. Sadly i had to stop using excedrin because the headache would become a daily thing and it was not comfortable for me at all. so i stopped taking it and the headache went away so i started to use other brand such as tylenol, aleve, store brand trying to find something that fits the bill as excedrin orginially did for me. So far I am liking aleve, but i do miss excedrin as it worked super fast for curing my headache. It does not work well for someone who has a greatest love for coke, iced tea and chocolate :-( If you are not a lover of those three items, then excedrin would work wonders for you, but take it in moderate than using it frequently and it wont really work for you. Good luck! :-)

Phoenix, AZ


Excedrin Express Gels

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