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Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black

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Let me start out by saying that I have used many different dehydrator's over the years. None of them compare to this one by the Excalibur company. My favorite things about this unit are- it is versatile, I use Mine for various kinds of fruit and meats, but I have started looking up more recipies and am planning to get a little more adventurous with it. It's easy to clean- I've had a couple dehydrators before I bought this one that were a pain to clean but this one is easy to clean. Its got a lot of surface stea- which was a big deal to me. I wanted to be able to do a large amount at one time. The con, well the only one that really bugs me is how bulky this unit is. It is a little bit of a pain to Move. But the good as you can see more than out weigh the bad. It's a powerful little unit that gives a lot of power with not so much noise. I love mine- but I use it a lot. But I make a lot of dried fruit so it gets a lot of use. I don't know if this would make sense for casual users. It is a little bit of an investment.



Great dehydrator, but one design flaw


The Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator is the first food dehydrator I have ever purchased so I have nothing to judge it against, but so far it has performed all the duties I need. On first impression this dehydrator takes up a lot of counter space so when it's not in use I store it in my pantry. I use this dehydrator to make turkey jerky and an assortment of fruit/vegetable chips. When powered on I was very surprised that it didn't keep up too much noise. The fan volume is very close to a range hood. During my first couple of test runs I noticed that my jerky near the center of the trays were still damp so I decided to rotate the trays every couple of hours and that fixed the problem. Oddly I don't have to rotate the tray for fruits and vegetables. The only downside I have come across with this dehydrator is that the door rattles when in use because of the fan. It doesn't interfere with the drying process, but it can be a little irritating. I would definitely recommend the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator because it does an excellent job drying food and comes with plenty of space for large quantities.

Westchester, IL


Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black

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