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Evolv 3/8" Drive Extendable Ratchet 10033

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Multi-length locking ratchet for different applications


This ratchet is the best multi length ratchet available to the common public!Mind you, I already own the Husky (made by Stanley) branded ratchet that can extend to different lengths.  So, why would I have any interest in this one?For one, it locks not only at 4 different lengths between 8.5" and 12.5", but it also locks the ratchet head so it always faces forward.This is the main difference between Evolv and the Husky/Stanley ratchets that can adjust in length.  I always hated when my Husky's handle would rotate when I was trying to loosen or tighten a bolt, but now with the Evolv ratchet, I truly have a ratchet that will act like 4 different length ratchets.

Jefferson, GA


Evolv 3/8" Drive Extendable Ratchet 10033

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