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Evolv 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw 28461


10 Inch Table Saw: Make Every Cut Straight and True

With , balance and accuracy, this 10 Inch Table Saw delivers smooth cuts for perfect miters, mortises and tight fitting dado's that will slip together tight and stay in one piece for decades. Built from rugged steel, this table saw is designed for years of heavy use, from home renovation, to yard projects to building the perfect tree house. Versatile, durable and packing enough power to slice through the toughest timber, this saw will be a workshop fixture for decades.

Easy to maneuver and ultra stable, the 10 Inch Table Saw’s rip fence gives you solid backing whether you’re feeding planks, boards or full sheets of ply, and equipped with an adjustable anti-kickback pawl, every pass will be stable, true and safe. A solid start to a hardworking shop, this powerful table saw delivers professional performance at an entry level price. 

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Great Table Saw!


I absolutely love my table saw. While I think it may not be up to an expert's standards, it definitely made this beginner very happy. It's lightweight, but heavy duty. I found it very easy to maneuver and I'm actually quite a petite person. I hadn't ever owned a table saw before, but just started picking up a few new hobbies and wanted to a table saw so I could really start building even more. It is a Craftsman product, but I think probably not as high of quality as original Craftsman products since this is part of the Evolv line they created, which can sometimes have shorter warranties instead of the lifetime warranties that they usually offer. I also noticed a lot of the Evolv tools are being discontinued, which might be a bad sign; but so far this table saw has met my needs and was quite a bit cheaper than many of the other options I had been looking into. Overall, I'm very satisfied.



Evolv 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw 28461

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