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Eviant T7-01 7 in. Portable TV

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The 7 inch eviant is a good television size for travel. It is color and easy to  setup the  channels. The picture is   clear when it is sitting on a stable surface. The sound is just as  good as regular 20+  inch tv.  The eviant was a reasonable price at 69.99 even though it is not a name brand the quality is very good. I had to scan several times to to get all the channels to come in. I probably will scan a few more times to get the remaining 4 chanels that I don't have on this television that I get at home. When I scanned the first time it brought in 27 channels including 2 that I don't get on my regular television. additional scans added 5 more channels. This little television also comes with a remote control.and comes ins several different colors. It comes with an ac adapter but has a built in rechargable battery. The charge lasts at least an hour. It  could   last longer but I don't know because  I have never played it longer than that  when away from home.

Milwaukee, WI


Eviant T7-01 7 in. Portable TV

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