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Everyday Minerals
Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector

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I absolutely love the everyday minerals brand! The best thing about their brand is that they do no animal testing which is awesome. Most people don;t realize that the make-ip they buy in stores is tested on animals. Sad, but true. I discovered their brand when searching for vegan makeup companies. I have tried many of their products and like them all. The everyday minerals mint color corrector is no exception. I have fair, sensitive, skin and this really helps cover up teh red areas on my face. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and you can feel good about the product knowing it was not tested on animals! I use a flat kabuki brush to apply and it goes on evenly and does not affect your foundation at all. Apply your moisturizer first, then add the color corrector and then apply your regular foundation and you are good to go! Overall this is a great product I recommend

Pittsburgh, PA


Corrects redness pretty well!


I love this but it is tricky. If my face is flushed and pink, I will apply this color corrector underneath foundation. However, if my face has just a tinge of pink, to it then I don't touch it. There is NO way that you can wear this on its own without applying foundation over it. I usually dust a little kaolin powder first before I do anything else. I then use the long handled kabuki brush to dip just a little of the green on the brush and I tap, tap, tap on the lid to remove excess. I just swirl and buff over my cheeks but I have to be very careful to avoid my nose and under my eyes if even a little of the green strays I look like I got punched in the face. That problem has gotten a little easier to solve now since I have started using the multi-intensive/eye primer concealer under my eyes and around my mouth. For my cheeks flushing it is the best thing that I have ever used. It is difficult to get it to evenly spread out. I've found the best thing for this is to make sure that I moisturize my skin very well with acne friendly facial lotions and to have patience tapping out all of the excess green on that kabuki brush and then applying one light layer and if I need it, a second layer. Also I only use my kabuki brush for the kaolin powder and this green corrector. I apply the kaolin powder first and then I apply the green corrector. I think a mix of the powders really helps the green corrector to spread more easily.

Hondo, TX


Great Color Corrector


I really like Everday Minerals Mint Color Corrector. The EDM mint color corrector is made to cover red areas on your face. For me that is my aggressively rosy cheeks that always need to be toned down. However, it also works wonders on any current acne or blemishes you might have. I agree with other reviewers that the EDM mint color corrector is very light and sheer - it does not offer thick coverage. But with all mineral makeup I really think that less is more. The mineral makeup builds up and can end up looking over applied, so I think the trick with this color corrector is to use it on very specific, targeted areas. For example, if you try to use this all over with a foundation brush, you will never get enough coverage. But if instead you use a small, compact concealer brush and use it for almost pinpoint accuracy, you should be able to cover the red. Then just top with your mineral foundation and you're good to go. I only gave it 4 stars tho as the EDM mint is a little bluish, and I prefer the mint color corrector from another online company that is a little yellowish.

Arvada, CO


Love this product!


I have to say I was skeptical when I first tried the mint color corrector.  I have had red splotches on my cheeks for years and nothing really seemed to cover them without looking completely fake or as if I had a layer of paint on my face.  This however goes on lightly but covers the red AMAZINGLY well.  Then the foundation on top is just as light and wonderful.  This really opened my eyes to how great mineral makeup could be.  You do have to have a fairly light hand when applying the product though.  A little goes a long way!  The first time I tried I ended up looking a bit like the Hulk!  Less is more with mineral makeups and concealers, which takes some getting used to.  There are tons of great brushes for applying the mint color correcter at Everyday Minerals as well.  The brushes are wonderfully constructed and last forever.  I've had one for over 3 years now and it still holds up like a brand new makeup brush. 

Hopkinsville, KY


It was kind of like magic!


I got a sample of the Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector when I ordered something else from Everyday Minerals.  I was pretty skeptical because, well, it was green!  I thought it would turn my skin green, and how attractive would that be?!  But, I do have a problem with redness in my skin, so I figured I would try it and see how it worked.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it made the redness disappear like magic!  You do have to be careful not to put the Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector on too heavily.  If you use a heavy hand the green will show up even through your mineral power foundation.  I thought it felt nice on, not heavy or cakey at all.  It only takes just a tiny amount to cover up those red areas, so a small jar of the Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector will last virtually forever!   Overall, I really liked the Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector.  It was reasonably priced and did a great job covering up the red areas!

Dayton, OH


Everyday minerals didn't do wonders for my skin.


I was expecting Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector to do wonders for my skin. It however did not. It did not cover up my blemishes or dark circles at all. The only pro to this product was that it was light and felt like I was barely wearing makeup at all. And that it was part of a sample kit.

Rockland, MA


Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector

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