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Everyday Living
Everyday Living Mixing Whisks - 8", 10" and 12"

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Everyday Living Whisks: Lump-Free Batter, Gravy And Fluffy Eggs


The three whisk set from Everyday Living is a great investment for chefs of all cooking and baking levels. The three sizes are eight, ten and twelve inches and they are all round-bottom for maximum circulation and mixing of ingredients. These are not the best metal whisks but if you hand wash them when you are done using them you can get a lot of use from them. I store these in a tall crock with other whisks to keep the rounded bottoms from getting bent out of shape and to keep them within reach for easy access. The whisks have hang-loops on the ends of them so they can be hung from a utility rack or on a wall for quick access. The metal cone separators aren't the best as keeping the whisk pieces from clumping so you need to move the two individual pieces around from time to time to keep the sections even. They are made from stainless steel but they are lightweight and easy to work with. If you want to use these as a standard whisk you can but you can also use it as a blender blade but rubbing the handle between your hands instead of using your wrist to fold and blend. There are limitations to what these three can effectively blend and mix; batter with whole pieces of fruit can cause some mixing issues if the fruit gets pulled into the center of the whisk. A couple of taps on the side of the bowl should be enough to clear the center chamber of the whisk but it's easier to add fruit and nuts once the ingredients have been mixed by using a spatula and gently folding in the other items. Ease of Cleaning These need to be hand washed to get them completely clean. Design They have a basic, round bottom design but they work great for getting lumps out of gravy, mixing muffin batter and fluffy scrambled eggs.



Everyday Living Mixing Whisks - 8", 10" and 12"

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