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Everyday Living
Everyday Living Fabric Softener Sheets

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Everyday Living for Everyday Laundry - & More!


**Everyday Living Fabric Softener Sheets** are a *fine find for everyday laundry*: a very reasonable price, easy availability, a pleasant selection of scents, and - most importantly - they do add a nice scent to laundry and reduce static cling.  Hey, I'm not sure about your household, but we operate on a careful budget around here.  There's premium laundry softener for bedsheets/bed linens and then there's Everyday Living for, well, almost everything else.  I use one of these sheets (or two for extra large loads) and can fold and put away a load of clothes that are pleasant smelling, without cling and thus, without doggie hair.  Towels and dish cloths remain absorbent and both I and my checkbook are happy.  I was also alerted to a super secret and an "It Actually Works!" miracle about this product by a fellow Internet junkie with apparent Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. The story goes that she was in the middle of housecleaning and laundry and still attacking a baked-on casserole dish, somehow left a sheet of fabric softener in the soaking pot, and returned hours later to a pot that was easily cleaned by a sponge.  I immediately had to burn dinner that very night to test her reported extra use for this product and am truly happy to report that it works as promised.  Thus, I should probably enter this review under dishwashing products as well.

Harrisonburg, VA


Everyday Living Fabric Softener Sheets

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