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Everstar 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Your salvation on a hot summer day


I bought this a.c. to put from room to room rather than installing one permanently. It is amazing. It will cool your whole room in a matter of minutes and will make you forget it was hot in the first place. Great buy.

Los Angeles


Great deal for the price


Our Everstar portable air conditioner has been one of the best investments we have ever made. Living in the Northeast, there are only a few days a year that we really need an air conditioner. This allows us the comfort when we need it without the ugliness of a window unit, or expense of central air. It cools one room quickly, and the whole house in a day. It is quiet, making a white noise type of hum that I find very soothing. It can be set to a certain temperature, just as a heating unit can be, and the air from the fan can be directed in almost any direction. We are also able to move our Everstar portable air conditioner from room to room as desired - for example, if we want to simply cool our bedroom down in order to sleep, it is very easy to roll the light weight unit from one room to another with ease. The air conditioner also has an easy to empty tray that collects the water created by the machine, and we have never had to empty it more than once a day. Overall, the perfect purchase of a cooling system for us!

North Conway, NH


Keep cool with ease and portability


The Everstar portable air conditioner is on rollers for easy access from storage to A/C location.  It comes with all the necesarry components for attachment to a horizantal sliding window.  It has a variety of settings for different temperatures and also has a setting for dehumidifier.  We have a fairly large house with open kitchen and living room. The house is well insulated and keeps cool on hot days until mid afternoon.  We turn on the Everstar around mid day and it does a very good job of keeping the house comfortable for the rest of the afternoon.  We live in the high desert and can also take advantage of cool evenings.  This air conditioner works best as a supplemental source of cooling.

Redmond, OR


Everstar 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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