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Everlast Treadmill

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Fitness is a plus


The Eversave USA treadmill is a best buy.  I love to workout and I usually hit the track.  But because time is so consuming it's best to have some home fitness products that you can use after school or work.  The Eversave USA treadmill somes with six programs and you can monitor your heart rate.  There is also an emergency shutoff feature and you can also fold the product and sit it aside because a con is that it takes up a lot of space.  The product is functioned by a power on and off switch that you use to switch the device on and off.  I recommend this product because you can change the speeds as you use the product after you choose from one of the six programs.  So the product has manual features as well.  I like this product because of the manual features.  If I want a regular jog as opposed to cardiofitness.  Then I can use the manual function and adjust my speed to a desirable setting.

Atlanta, GA


I enjoy using the Everlast treadmill.


I like the Everlast treadmill.  I enjoy being able to change the incline settings while walking or running.  This treadmill also has wheels,  so depending on the season and my mood I can easily move the Everlast treadmill to another room.  I also like the display settings;  I know how many steps and/or miles I have gone,  plus my pulse and/or heart rate.  I would give this treadmill a rating of four stars.  I would also recommend this treadmill to family and friends.  I even use this treadmill while pregnant.  Enjoy.

Ponder, TX


Everlast Treadmill

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