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Everlast Exercise Ball

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Helps burn calories


I was given one of those gigantic gray Everlast exercise balls. Without any instructions I use my imagination and have a blast. I lay flat and lift it over my head. I use it like a kick ball. I hold it in front of me and squeeze. I stand and lift it over my head and squeeze. i sit on it and bounce. I lay flat and put the ball between my feet and lift up and down., And I lay my stomach across it and rotate back and forth. I do at least 10 repetitions of each. I try to spend 10-20 minutes with the ball. I can actually feel my muscles tightening. And using the Everlast exercise ball is helping to firm my body and turn fat into muscle. This is really a good toning tool. And I am having fun making my own routines. Sometimes I exercise to music. At first I was concerned that the presure of constant use would cause the ball to blow out but the Everlast exercise ball is sturdy and appears it will last. Pehaps not forever but long enough for me to see some serious results.

Roanoke, VA


Everlast Exercise Ball

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