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Everlast® 80 lb Traditional Nevatear Heavy Bag


Enjoy the physical benefits you will see with this traditional training tool. A must have for any gym or home gym.

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Sturdy high quality heavy bag.


The boxing gym I attend has several of these Everlast Heavy Bags along with several other models of Heavy Bags. The other heavy bags have duct tape on them as they tend to split open after long use, but the Everlast bags (they have several options from the 50 lb, 80 lb, and 100 lb) are all still in decent shape. This is after weeks and weeks, hours upon hours of taking brute force and abuse from boxing students and amateur boxers. If I get a heavy bag at home, I will definitely be going with this version. I like the middle weight as it is just heavy enough but not to heavy to really engage and spar. My wife, who is considerable lighting then me, also tends to like prefer this level of weight. I have spent hours and hours punching, kicking, and sparring with this heavy bag.

Crofton, MD


Everlast® 80 lb Traditional Nevatear Heavy Bag

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