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EverPet Beef Flavored Rawhide Mini Knotted Bones

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Great for smaller dogs and puppies!


We purchased these EverPet Beef Flavored Rawhide Mini Knotted Bones for our Beagle puppies when they were about six months old. Our dogs love these bones and they keep them occupied for a couple hours. They never stop gnawing on them until they are gone, which is why the mini size is so great for them. These rawhides are great for our dogs and I have also noticed that when they get one every couple of days, it seems to keep their teeth nice and clean. The product is of good quality and reading the nutritional facts on the back I feel safe and at ease giving these to them. I also like that they are beef flavored because there are a lot of bones and rawhides that are natural flavored or chicken flavored so it is kind of nice to find some that are beef flavored. We have purchased rawhides that smell awful after our dogs start to chew on them but I have not noticed any foul odors from these. I would highly recommend these for smaller and younger dogs!



EverPet Small Knotted Dog Bones--Are These Things Safe????


I bought a pack of **EverPet Beef Flavored Rawhide Mini Knotted Bones** for my newly adopted shelter dog that is a poodle mix. She likes to chew the erasers off of pencils and is particularly fond of crayons and baby doll bottles. I thought it might help her to put something to chew on in her dog crate in the hopes that she wouldn't pee in there and enjoy chewing on something instead. These mini dog rawhide bones have some strange feeding instructions: - They are considered a treat (which is what I figured--I wouldn't give these in place of dog food) - They aren't for people to eat (I hope my 2-year-old understands that) - "Wash your hands with soap and water after giving your dog any treat." (ok--this one makes good common sense because it's always a good idea to wash your hands when working around any type of animal or food) - "Do not allow your dog to chew on light-colored carpet." (Are they saying it's ok for them to chew on dark colored carpet? What is the difference? Do the dog bones make them crave carpet?) They are made in China and it mentions that they are treated by irradiation, which makes me wonder about their safety. The ingredients listed are only beefhide and water, and the packaging does mention that the dog owner should provide plenty of clean and fresh water for the dog to drink every day, which makes sense when giving a dog a snack like this. **My Viewpoint:** I wanted to find a product that my dog could chew on and enjoy without tearing up other things around the house and that would hopefully help her comfort level in a crate. After carefully reading the packaging (which I unfortunately didn't before I bought them), I'm wondering about the safety of **EverPet Beef Flavored Rawhide Mini Knotted Bones**. Maybe all of these warnings are just to cover the manufacturers, but it makes me wonder. If I have to be so very careful handling this product, is it safe for the dog to chew on it?

Piedmont, NC


EverPet Beef Flavored Rawhide Mini Knotted Bones

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