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Ever Clean
Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Litter 42lb bag

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Great cat litter


 I recently adopted two kittens that have been staying in my room, so I've tried many different litters.  This kitty litter is the best that I've tried so far.  Ever Clean completely eliminates odors from urine, clumps very well, is easy to scoop, and it is not too dusty like some other litters.    I no longer need to air out the room with the litter box, and I have to change the litter much less frequently.    My cats really like using this litter too.  It sort of has the consistency of sand, so whenever I refill the litter box they like to jump in and play.   The only bad thing is the cost.  It is more expensive than all of the other litters that I've tried, but it kind of evens out because I only have to change the litter box every few weeks as opposed to every few days.

Berkeley, CA


Ever Clean Cat litter controls unwanted smells but is very dusty


I'm in search of a better cat litter and decided to try Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Premium clumping clay litter.  I've tried several litters in search of the best one.  I'm rating this litter 4 stars only because it is super dusty.  Even more than the tidy cat.  I was disappointed because it says on the package that it is suppose to be 99% dust free...not sure who came up with that.  However despite the dust this litter was not perfumey smelling at all and controlled the smell with flying colors.  I was away for 3 days and have 2 cats.  I expected a stinky mess when I returned but was pleasantly surprised to find that this litter held up.  I scooped it out and was able to last the week with no problem.  If they could do something about the dust this would be an excellent litter for controlling kitty smells.  I recently tried the Worlds best cat litter and found this one to be equal in odor control and low in dust...so far that is the litter on the top of my list.

Coraopolis, PA


The Best!


I can't say enough good things about this cat litter!  I have 7 cats and a neurosis about cat smells.  This is the best litter I've ever had.  It hides urine and odor smells, and it isn't perfumy like other cat litters out there.  It's not too dusty and it clumps amazingly.  I recommend it to every cat parent I know.  I even had a friend chatting with me one day.  She was sitting maybe 3 yards from the litter box.  She asked me where my cats went to the bathroom.  I pointed behind her and showed her where the other litter boxes were.  She'd never noticed them!  The only bad thing I can say about this is the price, but even that isn't a big con.  It's expensive yes, but you get what you pay for, and when people tell me they would never know I had 7 cats in my house unless I told them, that price is worth every penny I pay for clean smelling air.  I also don't have to change the cat litter every few weeks like I do with other litters.  So it really isn't as expensive over time.  I buy less of it. Just try a box.  You'll never buy anything else!

Dallas, GA


Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Premium Clumping Clay Litter 42lb bag

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