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Convertible Car Seats
Evenflo Triumph Convertible Car Seat

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Love this Car Seat


I bought this car seat a little over one year ago and I am very glad I did. This seat is easy to carry and maneuver into position into the vehicle. It has the LATCH system and tether for secure instillation for younger children and can use the seat belt for added piece of mind and security. The seat belt runs behind the cushioning so it does not bother or affect their comfort in the seat. The five point harness system is easily adjustable. There are three height options to choose from as your child grows and are easy to switch from one to another. There are also two slots for the crotch buckle for more a more customized fit. The cover is completely removable and machine washable. The only complaint I have arises when washing the cover. The interior foam has shifted from multiple washes. I had to cut small slits in the back of the cover so I could get my fingers inside to readjust the foam into the correct places and I have to do this every time I wash it now. We have used this on the airplane and it fits into the seat well but you can not use armrest on either side of the seat. It has various reclining positions for rear facing children. The knob on the side allows for easy tightening and loosening of the harness system in one simple spot. Great when constant little adjustments are needed to accommodate different thicknesses of clothing. Our airplane ride was nine hours and we have taken three cross-country trips with this seat and my daughter always seems very comfortable in it.




Evenflo Triumph is the best carseat!


We bought this carseat for my son four years ago when he was getting too tall for his infant carseat.  A friend had one and recommended it to us and i am SO grateful for that recommendation!  This seat is SUPER easy to adjust as your baby/child grows, and it will last them for many years.  It will accomodate a baby from infancy until they are tall enough/heavy enough for a booster seat.  Now that my son is too big for it, his baby sister will be using it until it expires!  It is a bit heavy, so it gives you the feeling that it's not too flimsy or unsafe for your child...but definitely a workout to lug around an airport, haha!  The shoulder straps can be raised or lowered VERY simply by squeezing two buttons together.  Most carseats require you to unthread the straps and rethread them through the next hole and that can be difficult and time-consuming for a busy parent with a baby in hand.  The straps can be loosened or tightened to accomodate heavy coats or lighter summer clothing with the simple twist of a knob on the side of the seat.  And the seat also has three positions from upright to reclined, also easily adjusted with the simple pull of a lever.  Hands-down, the best carseat ever and the only one I will ever buy or recommend to anybody!


Knoxville, TN


Evenflo Triumph Carseat skins my knuckles


We got this carseat on recommendation of Consumer Reports, if I remember correctly.  However, it didn't work very well for us.  It was placed in the middle seat of our Subaru Outback and every time I tightened the straps by turning the knob on the side, I ended up scraping my knuckles on the seatbelt fastener.  Since our car doesn't have LATCH in the middle and with only one child, it's recommended to put the carseat in the middle of the back seat, we kept running into the seatbelt buckle when we fastened our son in from the drivers side.  It may be different since we now have 2 kids and have the carseats on either side and not in the middle, we'll try it when the baby gets old enough.  It worked fine as a back facing carseat.  Nothing outstanding about it, though, just typical gets the job done.  To get the cover off, you need to have a screwdriver.  I like the feature of moving the shoulder straps without having to undo them anywhere.  Since we have it, we might use it again, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Seattle, WA


Best seat for the price!


This car seat is by far one of my favs. I had the same version only 8 years ago... Now with more kids and needing newer seats I went back to this same brand and style. I wouldn't buy anyother one. We now have bought two of these seats one for my daughter who is now 2 1/2 and the other we just purchased for our 9 month old. We have used a carrier but I am ready to have one in the car for good. Our girls love the fact that they sit up higher in the car and can see out the windows.  It is also very comfy for them to take naps on short and long road trips.


Bucklin, KS


Safe but difficult


I purchased this car seat as our second seat - I used a carrier seat for my child as an infant for convenience but this car seat can be used for very small children.  It is hard to adjust - even the firefighter who installed it said it was one of the tougher ones.  It can be tricky to learn how to really get it the harness adjusted around your child correctly and comfortably.  It is however very safe.  I do not have the LATCH system in my car and this is one of the safest using just lap belts.  I can get it in the car and make it so it will not budge at all.  It seems bulky especially if we have someone else sitting in the backseat of my sedan.  The rounded shape at the top makes it a tight squeeze for anyone beside it.  Overall though - my concerns about safety outweigh my need for some convenience when it comes to the seat.


Lexington, KY


The safest there is!


I bought this car seat because it was rated so well on Consumer Reports. I am very pleased with it! The one mistake I made was that, for my twins, I bought two seats with different covers. It turned out the one was an older model and the cover did not have the easy-off feature (I swapped that seat with my mom after she got two of these for her car). The newer model allows you to take off the cover without adjusting or removing anything but the cover! I like how I can easily adjust the straps while my boys are rear-facing. My boys love the room of these seats. I found the seats very easy to install. The only downside is that the seats are wide and, with two in the back seat, no one can cram into the middle seat. But, I won't sacrifice safety for convenience--if I had three kids I would have a minivan anyway. I love this carseat!


Memphis, TN


My child is happy with her car seat and so am I.


 I really feel my child is safe in her car seat , however after riding in it she gets fussy and wants out. Maybe a car seat could be created to help with this problem. I would really like one with a special place to put her some toys or maybe a book or two in, to occupy her time while she has to sit. Other than that I am well satisfied with her car seat.


Alexandria, LA


Safe if used correctly, but nearly impossible to do so.


I bought this car seat for 2 reasons:  Consumer Reports gave it a good rating and it was inexpensive.  I have been very dissapointed with this seat.  It is difficult to install tightly enough that it stays absolutely still and if you do manage to do that, it is nearly impossible to remove it from the car again.  Also the straps are difficult to loosen and tighten so it is tempting to just put the child in and not worry too much if the straps are too loose.  Of course this could spell disaster in a car crash, but let's face it, sometimes when we are running behind we aren't doing our best thinking.  The bottom line is that if the seat is used correctly it is extremely safe, but it is very hard to use correctly.


Hilliard, OH


Attractive, comfortable, and good price


Seat is very easy to use and not overly cutesy.  It looks very comfortable.  It is not easy to install, so it is better for using in a car it will stay in.  Also, there are a lot of nooks and crannies that food can get into (crumbs!).  The seat cover removes for cleaning, but it requires a lot of disassembly...not easy or practical.  Seat appears very safe.


Warren, MA


Safe but heavy not what i expected!


I thought when buying this car seat I was going to be so in love with it it just looked so comfortable for my son and I just threw it in the buggy not caring about the cost! I should have stopped there!!!! This car seat is the heaviest car seat i have ever lifted and it is the only one we have so we have to switch it back and forth from car to car all of the time and when it is rear facing my hand can barely fit through the slot to latch the seat belt it is very aggrivating I want another one soon and we have only had it a year and he is almost outgrown it which means mu husband will have to cave and buy a new one!


Blackshear, GA


Evenflo Triumph Convertible Car Seat

4.3 50