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Convertible Car Seats
Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat

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Awesome for traveling and smaller spaces!


When we were looking for a convertible carseat for our son as he outgrew his infant seat, the most important things for us were safety, quality, cost and size.  We especially wanted a carseat that we could be able to travel on an airplane with, so we looked for one that was FAA approved.  This one is!  Our son was comfortable and safe in our trip to Europe when he was 11 months old.  He slept in his carseat, and we were able to safely buckly him in during our long trip.  It is very light as well, so it was easy to take along with us, even though we had brought a stroller and a pack n play in addition to our luggage as well! We liked the print, the size and especially the cost!    We now use it for our daughter, and hope to use it for another child soon!  The benefit of it being a little narrower, is that we can now likely fit 3 carseats in the back of our car! As for cusionyness, it might be a little lacking, but my kids have never complained or shown any sign of being uncomfortable, even after long trips.


West Jordan, UT


My little one like this Evenflo carseat but hates the cupholder


We have had our child in this carseat for almost three months and we've really liked it.  It seems like he is very comfortable in it and the harness is snug enough to keep him safe.  It also is easy to take out of different cars with the latch system that is attached.  Its soft enough, I wish it was a little bit fluffier but I don't think many carseats are.  The cup holder detaches which I really like, because my son hates when it is on.  I am not sure why but I am glad it comes off easy.  It is very lightweight and has the EPS system, which makes me feel a bit better because if I'm ever in an accident, it gives me more confidence that my child will be safe.  The material is durable and its easy to wipe off.  I have had no complaints with this carseat and would definitely recommend it.  It was middle range quality and middle range price and I have not yet to have a true complaint.  I think it is worth the money I paid for it!


Carlsbad, CA


Durable and built to last


I purchasedthis car seat for my youngest child about three and a half years ago when he was about six months old. I was quite impressed with the heavy duty construction of this car seat. It is quite bulky however provides peace of mind that this carseat could withstand should I ever be in a car accident. I purchase this seat when my son was just six months old and another plus was this seat was very easy to convert or adjust as he grew. The cloth covering is also very durable and withstood numerous washings. It was also moderately easy to disassemble in order to clean. I can only think of one disadvantage and that was three years later my on has outgrown this seat. There would be ample room for him had the adjustable strap been made just a tad larger. There is a way to convert this seat to a booster but I was unable to use the seat this way because my four year old will not stay still in a seat that only has a regular seat belt strapped across a booster. I also do not feel that this is as safe as a booster with a five point harness. Because of this I was forced to purchase a bigger toddler size booster seat which contained a harness. My little boy is on the bigger size so this may not be a problem for others. I do feel like it was well worth the money bcause even after three and a half years of wear and tear it still looks to be in great shape.


Tecumseh, OK


I have twins and use this seat for both girls.


My twins had evenflo infant seats so when one of my girls outgrew her car seat we went shopping. Budget was a concern for us as was quality and safety. After looking we settled on the Evenflo Tribute. One of my twins has special needs and this car seat came with extra padding for the seat and the head. This was very important to us with her condition. She really likes her car seat and when her sister got ready to move up we went back and bought the Tribute for her too. We really like this car seat and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Jasper, AL


Really pleased with this seat!


Both my husband and I were getting incredibly frustrated with convertible car seats that were so huge. Even in our minivan, we had trouble finding seats that would fit when facing backwards. It was impossible to get a seat to place behind the drivers seat; my husband is 6'3 and has to have his seat all the way back. After doing some searching and reading other reviews, we thought the Evenflo Tribute may be a good fit. We have both been VERY pleased with this seat. It looks very comfortable for my son, it fits him well (he's always been a big baby), and it fits quite nicely in our van, as well as in our Jeep. When rear facing, it's not the easiest to install, but not too bad either. Forward facing installation is a snap. It fits nice and snug without much effort. The straps are also a breeze to adjust. On top of all that, it is a very affordable seat. Love it!


Levant, KS


Absolute Best for the Price


I LOVE this car seat. i decided to skip the infant seat as i would be wearing my baby everywhere in the moby wrap. this thing is awesome. it's one of the smallest convertible car seats, and fits well in our small impreza wrx hatchback. It's cushiony, and sturdy and i love that it comes with the body pillow for newborns! i am so happy i decided on this car seat. the only reason i give it 4 stars is because it has one of the lower weight capacities for rear facing. i want to keep my child rear facing as long as possible and reaching 19 lbs at the tail end of 5 months, i feel like he's going to hit the limit before i'm ready to forward-face. but it's kind of expected with how small it is. and it's very inexpensive. but who knows, maybe he'll go two years before hitting 30 lbs, then this would definitely get 5 stars. i don't know how anyone could justify paying more for a car seat! they're all rated the same, and this one is also side impact tested. all the safety for a fraction of the cost. tip: i waited to get a 20% off coupon from babies r us and bought it there. they're pretty much the same price everywhere, so that's the cheapest way to get it! Oh, and as far as having to re-thread it to switch the height, it takes about 5 minutes and isn't hard at all.


Lehi, UT


Well-designed and comfy convertible infant carseat


I purchased this carseat when my son outgrew his baby carseat.  I was looking for a good looking, comfortable infant carseat that also had a good safety rating and was value priced.  This one has all of the above features! What first attracted me to it was the blue plaid cloth with brown headrest.  Classic design.  I also like it that it has a detachable headrest and leg rest feature that's extra padded for added comfort on the ride.  Now for the good stuff:  this seat is convertible, meaning you could use it with a newborn (5-35 pounds) in the rear-facing position or forward facing for an infant (20-40 pounds).  In other words, it's a carseat that can grow with you as your needs change. It is constructed out of an energy absorbing foam liner and has been carefully side-impact tested, according to the product manufacturer.  This provides added peace of mind that your little bundle of joy will be protected while in the vehicle. It also offers multiple shoulder harness positions and a five-point safety harness system which ensures the comfort and correct fit for your child.  This product also meets or exceeds current federal safety standards, which is what you want to look for when you purchase a carseat.  Overall, good solid convertible carseat at a great price!


Spartanburg, SC


The Evenflo Tribute 5 is a well designed car seat and affordable


The Evenflo Tribute 5 is a well designed car seat for parents who are looking for an extra car seat for a second family car. I love the colors (Brown and Blue Plaid) that came with my seat and the neutral look it has for either male or female genders. My child is able to sit up in the seat and see outside the windows while were driving down the road and is snug as a bug with the 5 point harness. However, I have bucket seats in my rear seating and the design of the base doesn't work well with bucket seats. So for added security and safety reasons, I use the latch hook system as well as the seatbelt to securely buckle down the seat. Also, the cup holder comes in very handy when I always find myself searching for the sippy cup that my son throws across the car, but now with the cup holder, he places it right beside him so he can reach it later. All in all, I enjoy having this seat in my car, it's very durable and easy to install!


Fort Wayne, IN


Pretty, comfortable and safe, what more could you ask?


I could not wait until my daughter turned one (we hit the 20 pound mark about five months ago so that wasn't a problem) so we could get her a front-facing car seat.  I bought this one just before I started reading everywhere that you are supposed to keep the baby rear-facing as long as possible.  At any rate I am very pleased with this car seat.  It is solidly built, a very pink pretty print ("Abby") and is well-padded and comfortable.  It has been side-impact tested which is reassuring. The best part about this seat though, is the ease of adjustment.  I live in a climate that required a puffy winter coat one day and sometimes just shirtsleeve the next and I LOVE how this seat has straps that adjust very easily from the front of the seat-and this is the key-with the baby in the seat!  My old seat had to be removed complete and adjusted from the back (guessing) replace baby, oops have to readjust...ugh.  Overall this is smart design and it looks great too.


Altoona, PA


Finally a carseat that fits 3 across in my minivan!


I really looked hard to find a carseat that would fit 3 across in my minivan's middle row.  We brought measuring tape to the stores and measured every carseat for the narrowest base.  My three children were all too small for booster seats and needed 5 point harnesses.  So when we found the Tribute 5, we bought 2.  We could've gotten three across, but my youngest was still in an infant carrier which was small enough to fit with the other two Tribute 5's.  I like the look of the carseat.  It is classic and practical.  No unnecessary bells and whistles, which was really important to us.  Installation was very easy when putting it forward facing.  I like that because we are always switching carseats from my car to my husband's depending on how we split the kids between us while we run errands or whatever.  But if you have to put it in rear facing, it's a pain.  That's kind of a shame because parents are supposed to keep their kids rear-facing even up to 2 years now but the design on this carseat is really a deterrant from doing that. The harness in theory should be easy to adjust, but it isn't in reality.  The mechanism is really stiff or something so that I can hardly get it to budge.  It's frustrating in the fall when one day my kids are in big bulky jackets and the next they are in their t-shirts. The only other problem I've had with the carseats is that the plastic pieces that attach the fabric cover to the carseat under the toddler's knees broke on one carseat.  The other seems to be doing all right, but the one that broke did so within only a month or so of owning the seat.  It's not a really big deal, but it would be nice if those tabs were a little stronger and less likely to snap.


Egg Harbor City, NJ


Evenflo Tribute Convertible Car Seat

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