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Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat

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Good Car seat


The Titan Sport is a convertible  car seat that accommodates growing children safely and comfortably .We read a lot of reviews and did a  lot of research before we purchased this particular carseat. Then I came across this one and i think it's perfect for my little one!! We purchased this car seat for our sixteen month old son. It's very easy to install using the latch system in the car. Car seat is made of very soft and durable material. The seat seems to be  very comfortable for our little guy.We can easily tighten the straps and can buckle it nicely and  also there is a strap adjuster button in the front  .The Titan Sport also offers extreme comfort with the adjustable foot recline feature. The combined cup holder and activity attachment will keep the child entertained, while the removable head pillow, the chest clip, multiple shoulder harness positions, and dual positioning buckle slot allow comfortable and flexible adjustment.This is a very good car seat.I would like to recommend this to everyone.


Irving, TX


Great car seat for the price


We have loved this purchase and don't regret getting this car seat.  We looked for a car seat that seemed to have cusion when the kid sat in it.  This car seat seems to have a better cusion then other car seats at this price or cheaper.  We also like how it comes with the head support for smaller kids.  The car seat reclines in the rear position. In a two door car you have to make sure it is in the back middle or else it doesn't fit for it is too tall.  The car seat isn't too wide either which is a must in our two door car. The only thing we kind of wish for is that it wouldn't sit so straigt up in the forward position.  But for the price it isn't bad.  Putting the car seat in and out of the car is easy using both the latch hook and non latch hook.  Cleaning the car seat isn't too bad either.  Which is perfect becuase our daughter has had an upset stomach a couple of times.  The cover disconnects easy and so do the straps for easy cleaning.  Putting everything back together is easy as well.  We are very pleased with this purchase and it is holding up well.


Rexburg, ID


The Evenflo Titan car seat is a great value!


We purchased this car seat for our ten month old son.  It was very easy to install using the latch system.  He is now more comfortable rear-facing and we look forward to using this same car seat when he turns one and can sit forward facing.  It's very soft and has durable material.  We love this car seat!


Farmington, UT


The Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat Does the Job


We got this car seat when we found out our granddaughter was coming out to live with us.  She had just about outgrown her infant carseat so it wasn't worth the money the airline would charge.  Since we were all low on funds at the time we were going to get something else, but then we found out the highway patrol would help.  We went down and this is the one we received.  I was very impressed with it as soon as I saw it.  My favorite car seat is the Britax Blvd. so I was sure I'd probably dislike most anything else.  Well, since they install it for us, I was worried about when we would have to reinstall it in another car.  It installs just fine, the latches work fine.  It's not top of the line, but I felt totally secure with how it all tightened up.  There was one thing we didn't care for.  It seems to sit a bit too upright and when the baby was sleeping her head would keep falling forward, or just hang down on her chest which drove us crazy.  We keep our grandkids rear-facing until at least 35 lbs. and this car seat is perfect for that.  It is side impact tested, the straps are easy to adjust, and it's simple to connect the five point harness onto the child.  The seat is cushy, and there is foam underneath for safety.  I think this is a great car seat and after seeing the prices I think it is a great price for this product. I totally recommend this car seat, but would make definite adjustments for newborns and small infants.


Oceanside, CA


fun seat that won't break the bank


We got this seat for my second son because the first son was still using his. We wanted to get something that was similar to the first one but looked different because we didn't want grandparents trying to put the kids in the wrong seat! So, my older son was in the brown suede seat and the younger son was in the red one. On the internet you can't really see what the fabric is like. Well, let's just say the little baby's seat may look pretty snappy in that red but the suede seems much more comfortable! The evenflo titan sport feels pretty plasticy. And it doesn't seem to breathe well. However, I'm happy to report that it wasn't any harder than other seats to install. The latch system is the same as the other one that we have and the baby's 5 point harness is laced through the seat the same way too. It is extremely easy to make those minor adjustments that you have to make all the time. There is a button in the front that you can hit to loosen and a strap you can pull to tighten... with one hand!


San Antonio, TX


i love the evenflo titan sport carseat, it was a great price!


When i first saw this carseat on amazon.com i was like "wow". It was cheap lol.But i didn't want to just buy it because of the price, i do want it to be safe for my baby, after all thats what it's for and i am a very protective mom! So i looked at the reviews and the bad comments were that it was a little hard to install but i wasn't worried about that because i definitely would not be the one installing it,=). I showed it to my fiance' and he said yeah as soon as he saw it, great seat, great price, get it! lol. So we ordered it and he installed it the same day my son was born and the next day we were ready to go when we were discharged. He said it was a little hard but he got it done in maybe twenty minutes and now when we have to switch it to another car he still installs it and it's good. Easy adjustable straps and i think it's fair to say that overall it is a safe carseat for the baby.


Patterson, LA


Great inexpensive lightweigh seat.


The Evenflo Titan Sport in red is a great inexpensive carseat. I purchased this seat when my son outgrew his carrier at only 6 months of age. This seat was one of the cheaper ones available that had a bit more padding than the others. Installation was ok - it was a little hard to get it tight but I was eventually able to do so. My only complaint is that when I tried to install it in another car using the latch system - the belt on the latch system just wasn't long enough. If you are looking for a comfortable seat for your baby that isn't too expensive - this is the one to buy!


Richmond, VA


Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat

4.6 7