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Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat

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car cover


I am used this car seat cover. It was comfortable to drive a car .




Luv this car seat


The evenflo titan convertible car seat is a great child safety seat. It can be used rear and forward facing depending on your child's age and weight. This car seat holds a child up to approximately 65 pounds. The installation was fairly simple to understand and complete. The evenflo titan also and a couple extra features such as the removable padded infant insert that helps support their body and a head support pillow. This car seat is roomy and spacious for the little ones and very comfortable. This car seat has a very durable cover that is easy to remove and clean. The only down side to this evenflo car seat is that it does take up a little more room in our small car than we had hoped. However our little ones safety and comfort are more important. Everyone should definately consider this as one of their choices for a car seat. Evenflo has made another outstanding product.




Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Carseat


Our first daughter was so tall that she got too long for her infant carseat at 6 months and we had to start looking for a convertible carseat for her. We loved this seat when we saw it. It looks chic, is a great price, and the safety ratings were very good. We loved that it could be rear-facing since she was still under 2 when we needed to purchase a new seat. It is very comfortable for her with a lot of patting and it even has a cup holder to hold her cups in the car. Another great thing about this seat is that it has a headrest that can be used for newborns and the weight limit even goes down far enough to be used with newborns. In fact, we loved this seat so much that when our second daughter was getting too tall for her infant carseat at 5 months this was our instant go-to carseat. Both girls seem very comfortable in their Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible carseats. I would recommend this seat to any parents with tall children needing to move up from the infant seat early. It even fits in my Toyota Corolla! We have had great experience with this product! Ease of Installation It is a bit annoying when you have to switch it from being rear-facing to forward-facing, but it isn't too bad and once it's done, it's done.


Greer, SC


Love it


I was looking for a car seat that would not be to hard to install.  I am a grandparent of a two and 1/2 year old and also of a 6 month old.  This made in necessary for me to have a convertible seat. The padding is outstanding both for the infant and his sister.  The two year old loves that she can put her sippee cup in the cup holder.  She also has a place to put her snacks.   The infant gets so comfortable that he falls asleep in it.  He normally cries when he goes for car rides. I would recommend this seat for any parent or grandparet.


Knob Noster, MO


Reasonably priced carseat, with padding!


My daughter outgrew her infant carrier carseat before she was a year old (too tall!), so I started looking for a convertible carseat that she could start out in rear-facing. No matter how many glowing reviews for Britax I read, I just wasn't prepared to pay that much for a carseat. The Evenflo Titan Elite seemed like a good mid-range carseat for us. It's sturdy (but not huge), has a few nice features (drink holder and snack tray), and is comfortable (padding!). There's only one con: My husband hates having to move it, because the opening for the seatbelt is too narrow for his hand. It's fine for my hands, plus we rarely move it, so it's not a deal-breaker for us.My daughter has always seemed comfortable in it, awake or sleeping, which is important for me since she spends a fair amount of time in it. We have a Cosco Scenera as a back-up/grandparents' carseat, and while I like it, it just isn't as comfortable, especially when she falls asleep in it. The Evenflo Titan Elite was reasonably priced, compared to it's competition, and I was able to get an even better deal during the Babies 'R Us trade-in event. If you want more than a Cosco but don't want to pay for a Britax, definitely check this one out.


Columbus, NE


good value for the price


This is a pretty basic convertible carseat.  I put my older daughter in it (rear facing) when she was around nine months old.  I found she fit pretty well, size wise (she was average sized).  One problem is that she had really chunky thighs...and the way the straps adjust you have to make sure they don't squeeze the thigh area.  The other thing I didn't care much for was the color (I think the pattern is called Raceway).  It is mostly black with black/white stripes, so in the summer I had to keep a blanket over it while the car was empty, parked in the sun.  You really do get what you pay for with this seat-it does it's job (is installs easily enough and is safe) but there are no real frills.  Don't expect a lot of cushy padding and the buckles will need to be adjusted every time you put your child in.  If you're willing to deal with a few minor day to day inconveniences to save a few bucks then it's definitely worth it.  I was and I am still planning on putting my younger daughter into it!  And it is fairly comfortable as a forward facing seat as well.


Vernon Hills, IL


Evenflo Titan is a good carseat


We got this seat for my daughter after she outgrew her infant carrier.  After doing much research, this seat had all that we were looking for and was reasonably priced.  My daughter seems very comfortable in the seat, even for longer car rides.  The seat is soft and padded, but also easy to clean.  The straps are easy for us to adjust, as they are just like what we were accustomed to in the infant carrier.  It makes it easy to get her in and out, no matter what she is wearing (i.e. bulky winter coats, etc).  The only drawback I have found is that the seat does not really recline once it is forward facing.  So if my daughter falls asleep, her head tends to fall forward.  She is still able to sleep and doesn't complain about it, however, I think it looks uncomfortable.  The seat also comes with a cup holder and snack storage, although we do not use these features.  I also like that the seat isn't too bulky.  All in all, a decent seat at an affordable price.


Olmsted Falls, OH


GREAT value for the Evenflo Titan Elite


I cannot say how much I truly love this carseat.  I got one for my first baby, and love it so much that when I was pregnant again with my second child, I got another one just like it.  This carseat is very affordable, soooo much cheaper than most more expensive carseats out there-- the gracos and britaxes.  It lasts for such a long time, though-- both of my babies came home from the hospital in it (they were 7 lb 4 oz and 8 lb 1 oz, though-- for a preemie or smaller baby it may not work like that), and it will last them probably until they are ready for a high-backed booster.  It is comfortable and NOT as massive as some convertible car seats are, fits easily into the van without taking up a lot of space.  I also like the attachments it comes with, the drink holder and snack holder.  The colors are cute and all of the padding comes up and can be tossed in the washer to clean.  My babies are very comfortable and love their carseats, I would recommend this to anyone.


Henrico, VA


the Titan Elite is a good back up seat


I purchased this seat as a back up seat for my husband's car, when my daughter outgrew her infant bucket car seat. She very rarely rides in his car, so it has been used probably only once a month, if that, over the past few years. As a back up, its not a bad seat, but I probably would not recommend getting this car seat to use for every day. The padding on the seat is very thin, so its not a good seat for long car rides. The fabric is easy to keep clean, we have not had any stains on ours, everything has wiped up easily enough with a baby wipe. The straps are a problem, as they can easily become twisted in the buckle, which is real pain if you are getting your child in the car in the rain. The seat has a lower weight limit than a lot of other seats out there as well, so its not a seat that is going to last you a long time. The real benefit of this seat is the low price, which means its great to get for your extra car or keep for emergencies.


Riverview, FL


Great carseat


  Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat -  The Evenflow Titan convertible car is good value for money. We were looking for a good but reasonable car seat for our 10month old son. Found this one at Target. Installing the seat was a snap. I have it installed behind the passenger seat and so far there has been no problem. I had the pull the front seat during installation but after that it went right back to its usual position so that I am not cramped for space when I sit on the front passenger seat. However, I do have a couple of issues. The back of the seat is quite straight and according to the instructions, the only way to incline it further is by putting a towel under it. The straight back is ok as long as my daughter is awake, but as soon as she falls asleep, her head flops forward and then keeps rolling all over the place everytime the car is braked. If the seat could have an option to recline it when a child has gone to sleep, it would become the best car seat ever.


Milwaukee, WI


Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat

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