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Evenflo Simplicity High Chair

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This high chair is okay, nothing special.


This high chair works fine.  I don't think there is anything brilliant or grand about it, but it does it's just and isn't awful.  Some of the good things about it is that it folds up easily, although I still wish it took up less room.  There is also the option of adjusting the height to different levels which can be nice, but most of the time I didn't use it.  It is easy to clean the tray and the seat is washable which is a great perk for how messy little ones are.  It is on wheels so it is easy to manuever. Some of the downsides to this high chair that I found were that the tray was so big that sometimes my baby would accidently push things out of his reach in attempt to pick them up.  The slides to adjust the height didn't always latch.  I remember one time putting my son in and one side had latched and the other hadn't and I didn't realize this until he was in and tilted higher on one side. I used this high chair with my first son, but not my second and I don't plan on using it again in the future, but it is an okay chair overall. 


Kennewick, WA


Not the greatest High Chair BUT


This is a very useful high chair, but it is SO hard to clean. The tray is easy enough to clean but the sides and seat itself is very difficult to clean. If you don't catch the mess immediately it becomes difficult to get the mess off. And my toddler gets messy a LOT. While it was a good deal for the money, I think next time we'll get something a little more simple.


Tampa, FL


evenoflo simplicty high chair is great


omg this prouduct is great! i have a 3 year old and he loves to eat and get up and it leaves food on da carpet i triead to get fun high chares but he didnt like them until  brought this one !it has a lil toy so he caould paly while hes eating and it distract him form getting up!and playing!this and awsome prouduct!


Jacksonville, FL


Terrible HIgh Chair - Do not buy!


This highchair is terrible.  The recline is much too reclined for younger babies and the chair has a million nooks and crannies that serve no purpose other than to collect food!  Cleaning it is very difficult.  I am on this site shopping for a different high chair to replace this one - that's how much I loathe it!


Dundee, IL


Comfortable, but too laid back!


The Evenflo Simplicity high chair has some good qualities, but if I knew all the issues with it, I would have chosen a different brand/style. On the bright side, it is very comfortable and easy to clean. Take off the covering and throw it in the washer. On the other hand, the seat sits back way too far. My toddler has a hard time reaching items on the tray because they aren't able to sit up straight in it. This also presents the problem of items rolling towards the child when placed on the tray. I would definitely have chosen a different style or brand if I had known about these problems before hand.


Montgomery, TX


It's too big for a child to reach the stuff on the tray


This chair would be awesome if my child only fit in it. He's almost 2 and over half the tray is outside his range of motion. At first I thought something must be broken or set wrong. It was all set correctly; it was just too big.


Chattanooga, TN


Evenflo Simplicity High Chair

2.5 6