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Infant Car Seats
Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat

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Lots of padding and great shade


I love this carseat.  I looked at a lot of them before I bought them, and lucky I got a good deal for this one and did not have to pay full price.  The carseat has lots of padding, it feels super comfortable.  The sunshade goes all the way down and covers the baby's entire body, which is awesome.  My son doesn't mind being in it at all, and before he was 3 months old we had taken a road trip from Colorado to NY, and from NY to SC, and he was great in the seat the entire time.  I also love the colors, great for a boy, but can also be used for a girl.  It is a little heavy even without the baby, but I love it anyways.  The base was super easy to install and very easy to take out with the LATCH system, and it is also easy to use when just being secured with the seat belt.  It is also a bit on the bulky side, but I could fit both this carseat and my 2 year olds carseat in the backseat on a monte carlo with no problem.  Love this seat :)

Columbia, SC


HANDS DOWN ..Great Shade COVER!!!


*My husband and I already bought another carseat before looking any place else and we ended up returning that carseat we bought because I found this Carseat and just Fell in love with it! all the way aroundthe price is detouring a little but not by much.. I LOVE the colors this carseat will be used for my baby due in Juneand i am very excited cant wait to use it for my baby boy comming...THE HUGE SHADE Visor Had me at hellothe comfertable seat paddingthe carseat clips making it easy to go car to car (my hunny used to be the only one installing all the other carseats we have ever used however this is now something i can do)Oh and the every so soft handle grips on both sides oh so soft!We are useing this with our new Kolcraft Contour Double Stroller and it FITS like a GLOVE!one last big thing for me that i just have to repeat because NOT any other Carseats i Know of have this featureand its so baby friendly is the HUGE shade Visor it has I live in Arizona in the head and baby will be here when the heatcomes and i will want to cover to protect him (not more having to use blankets that cut into air flow) as well as causebaby to just get hotter and stuffy inside it>>> IM soooo Excited to use this...*

Phoenix, AZ


Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat

4.5 2