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Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stairs Gate

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Nice easy gate had to buy more!


I really like this gate would definitely recommend it to other parents,the price isn't bad I live in an apartment so couldnt nail the side parts in my lil one could shake it open sometime other than. That great product




worked great for us for 3 years


We had this mounted at the top of our steps for three years, and it was wonderful. It is sturdy, and has a color indicator to show whether it is locked or not. I've seen complaints that it is difficult to open, but that is the point of a child proof gate. It is not difficult for adults, but maybe for a 4 or 5 year old. You do have to watch that the small plastic piece does not get knocked off, or it can swing out open over the steps. That happened to us once in 3 years... not bad.




Gate 2 years old and still going!


This is the gate we use at the top of our steep basement stairs, since we do not have a door. It is a fabulous, safe and secure gate. Because of the hazard without, I really needed a great gate to give me peace of mind and this does it! I do have to say that my other kids are the "only" problem, because they keep leaving it open and the baby/toddler tries to get out! It's easy to use even my 3/4 year olds can do it (again as long as they CLOSE it). It's useless if it's not latched correctly. But perfect when it is!


Provo, UT


This Evenflow Secure Step Gate is my favorite of all!


I have 3 young boys and live in a tri-level home. Needless to say I have two sets of steps to block off for their own safety. I've tried several different gates and I have to say that Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stairs Gate is probably my favorite. I have another gate (in my reviews) that I really liked as well, but this one is NOT bulky, easy to unlatch with one hand and really is not UGLY or cumbersome. This was definitely more money, but for this mom's choice, Evenflo Secure Step Gate is my go to gate that I highly recommend. I also like to keep my house looking nice, and with it being mounted it didn't have to be moved or accidentally moved so I didn't have a bunch of gouges or scratches: I did have to fill the holes once we removed it. But while it was in place it actually looked good with our decor and I new my kids were safe. This is definitely tall, so if you're short like me, you won't be able to step over it - but with the easy one hand opening system of this Evenflo Secure Gate you won't HAVE to try! Durability This is one of the few gates that could withstand my older children pulling and leaning on it. Ease of Use Having 3 children, 4 years apart, means each one is at a different stage in safety concerns; so with some of the gates I found they were too difficult for the older children to even open (many times even myself) or the easier gates were too wobbly or had a strange security bar at it's base to try to step over once you do get it open. Not so with this Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stairs Gate, the latch is simple, mounting isn't super easy if your walls are like mine and uneven: but once it's there it's secure and what I love most: no bar at the base for the older/smaller children to try to step over and down to the first step. Safety Out of all the gates we've had over the years, I felt the most safe with this gate.


Livonia, MI


Easy to use when you have your hands full!


This gate was so handy for me especially when I had an infant in my arms and trying to corral my toddler in the other room. The one step feature opens the gate and a slight kick will lock it behind you. It works in both directions which is so useful. I loved this gate! My children are older now but would recommend it highly! It secures it any hallway with tension so you can easily remove it or put it somewhere else. It can be a little tricky to install but once you get the tension just right it works like a dream.


Wrentham, MA


easiest walk through gate, my 4 year old can do it.


This is the best safety gate we have ever had. We have 3 children, and I just wish I had it all along. Both of my older children can do it on their own. I used to have to lift them over our other safety gates. My son is almost 18 months, and it is still working for him. The slats are vertical, so he can't climb them like the others. So far he has not figured out how to open this one. It is easy enough for my 4 year old, but still hard enough for him to do. Great gate, worth every penny.


Roanoke, VA


Vote of no confidence for this baby gate


I purchased this baby gate about 6 months ago for the top of our stairs. I wanted something sturdy and this gate felt like it was well made. I like that it has a visual guide (red or green) that tells you when it is locked. The metal gate part itself is great. It is very heavy and solid. The problem is with the hardware. The latch is just cheap plastic; the only thing holding it closed is this little blue plastic pin and it feels very insecure/loose. It is also difficult to open the latch. Of course you don't want it to be easy for your little one to figure out, but it does need to be functional. This latch requires me to use both hands and my 6 year old can barely open it. To use the gate at the top of the stairs you need to prevent it from swinging out over the stairs. This is accomplished by a little plastic tab that snaps on. It is easily kicked out of place or broken. My three year old pulled it off this morning. This does not inspire confidence. My husband and I spent a lot of time installing the gate, making sure we got everything well secured into studs and level. Sadly, it was wasted time because I just don't trust this gate. It is probably fine for a doorway or hallway (although the difficult handle would be annoying), but not the top of stairs. I am going to contact Evenflo to see if I can get a replacement or refund.


Cornelius, NC


Have two of these and highly recommend them


I have two of the Evenflo Top of the Stairs gates and I have been very happy with them. I installed them above two sets of stairs in my house. I thought the installation was pretty user friendly and easy. The key is that you need two flat services with studs or sturdy wood to install them on. You can't install them directly into the drywall. For me, I had to attach some 2x4's to the wall and then attach the gate components to that. The gates themselves are very sturdy and safe. I like that they are a neutral wood color because they don't clash with my decor. I even painted one of them to match the walls. Opening and shutting them is very easy once you get the hang of it but it's not so easy that the baby can figure it out or do it herself. I also like that when the gates are not in use, you can easily pop them out. For example, my mom has had this gate at her house for the past 8 years. Whenever the grandkids come, she pops the gate into place and then when we leave, she can take it out.


Rockville, MD


Evenflo Simplestep baby gate make me feel my baby is always safe


I bought 3 of those wooden baby gates and my son (who was two at the time) broke every single one of them within twenty-four hours. Then one day I came across the Evenflo Simplestep Pressure Mount Gate and decided to give it a try. Its durable and extremely easy to install. Also the swinging gate door on it makes it so much easier to go in and out of the room...no more climbing over to get to my child or having to take the gate completely down to carry something in or out of the room. Also since the bars are vertical my child can't climb up the gate and get out, which he was able to do with the wooden gates that had the plastic net type holding it together. Another good thing about the Evenflo Simplestep Pressure Mount Gate is that it will fit in larger opening than the old wooden ones. I did, however, have one issue with the gate. The "wheels" that you turn to tighten the gate are too easy to turn, so some children can turn them and actually take the gate down themselves....so in that area it is **too **easy to install/take down.


Albertville, AL


Evenflo Simplestep is not the easiest to use, but it works


When my son began to crawl, I began to panic. My house was decidedly not toddler-friendly. I decided to create a large play area in my main room so I could baby proof that section first and let him play in there. To do this, I needed several baby gates. By the time what my family called the "world's largest playpen" was assembled, I had used three gates by three manufacturers. At this point I only have one gate still in use, and it is this one. it wasn't my first choice to keep out because it is not the easiest to open. It can be done with one hand, but it's a bit of a stretch. I think this accounts for how effective the gate is, though. My son figured out how to power through the easy to open one and so this one came out of retirement. I do have to re-tighten it from time to time. As the tension goes a bit, the gate becomes less secure and can be pushed open. For a deterrant, though, this gate does its job and it is not so hard to use that we can't live with it.


Tampa, FL


Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stairs Gate

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