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Evenflo Rock-a-Bye Swing

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A great way to maintain a peace of mind.


**Evenflo 6 Speed Baby Swing offers freetime for the everyday busy Mom like myself. It has 6 speeds to match your babies current weigh. Starting at 1 your baby should be 6lbs. At number 6 your baby should be 25lbs. I use this product everyday for my daughter. It soothes her with its melodies. The minute she is in she is out like a light. It has easy to use attachments that she finds very enjoyable. Hands down this is wonderful when I am cleaning up my home or simply cooking for the rest of the family. I use Evenflo Baby Swing because it is easy to fold and can be stored away for that much needed space. I actually find myself enjoying this product more than my daughter. I can finally rest while she is comfortably snug in her swing. To start the swing you put your baby in and give it a little push. You have to be fast to turn the knob or it will stop. I can do this all with just one hand. I find this product worth having.**

Atlanta, GA


Not safe


Overall I don't like it. Is hard to adjust the seat. Does not automatically swing & the music only works occasionally. Also, the way it is made w/ the bars that come down on the side of the seat & the bars for the legs if the baby is to stick his/her arm out while swinging can easily get caught between the two. I would suggest using the models that are lower to the floor & don't have the bars attached to the seat.

Radford, VA


I love EVERY Evenflow product.


The Evenflo 5 Speed Infant Swing is one of the best investments I have made since becoming a mom. I first purchased this swing 3 years ago when I had my first son and it has lasted through 4 children. This swing is very durable and very much worth the money. The swing features and adjustable harness strap for while your child is growing. It also has 5 speeds to sooth and comfort your infant. The swing is very easy to store as it folds up to take up as little space as possible. The seat is my favorite part of this product because it has a machine washable fabric which comes in handy when the little one is eating and gets food all over the fabric. The toy bar in the front also removes for easy washing. The seat features three reclining positions for if whether your little one is sleeping, dozing off into dream world, or ready for play time. This product is also beautifully designed and very weather resistant. I would recommend this product to all of my friends and family.

East Lynn, WV


Way too fast for newborn!


My husband actually found this at a surplus store on sale for half the price of the regular store and so we figured we would give it a try without even looking at any reviews.  It looked like a nice design and I liked the fact that the seat lays down really far so that the baby can even sleep in it.  The music is great and there is 3 sound levels to choose from.  We put our baby in it when she was only a few weeks old and even on the lowest speed, she was swinging way too high!  We tried putting a 5 lb of sugar on the tray to see if maybe the weight would slow it down, but it just went higher!  I finally rigged it up with a bungie hooked from the swing to the leg to slow it down so it could only go so high.  Now that our baby is 3 months old and able to sit up more, the seat does work better.  I have never used any speed higher than the first because that it fast enough right now.  My daughter loves the jungle cat and used to stare it all the time.  Now that she can reach for things, she is grabbing at it all the time!  It is very easy to move the pieces and make noises for her.  She doesn't really care for the giraffe.  He is boring.

Bangor, ME


wouldnt buy this one again


bought this baby swing for my new great grandbaby.  The first time of use baby was put in the swing and her mom walked away.  The baby of the baby swing broke down and dumped the baby out on the carpet.  Fortunately the baby was not hurt but did find out the swing was not made well at all.  Found this to be very scary. Wouldnt recommend this brand of swing to anyone

Fort Wayne, IN


Evenflo Rock-a-Bye Swing

3.0 5