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Evenflo Mega Excersaucer

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I am on the line


I am on the line about this exersaucer. The bottom of it makes it were it can rock some. Some how my 6 month old tipped it over while she was in it. She luckily did not get hurt but it scared her. I never used it after that. Just be careful when your child is in it.

Bonnieville ky


Hours of entertainment


Hours of entrertainment for your infant. The handy snack tray also keeps their snacks in one place and not all over your house. every family needs at least one. Versatility Not easy to travel with is the only downside Durability We have had ours thru 3 children and it is still strong as the first day. Safety The legss lock into place and the toys are all baby safe. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning is difficult because things don't easily come in and out. Ease of Assembly This is the easiest toy we have ever put together.



Great for active babies


My daughter is very high energy. She always needs to be moving, or have something to play with. The Evenflo Mega Excersaucer really is a great solution for us. There are a lot of great activities on this and I don't have to worry about her moving places where she could get hurt when I have to be out of the room for a minute. It is really adjustable which is great! She will still be able to use this in several months because it adjusts to a great height! It also has the option of locking the seat in place so that she can't turn the seat from the direction I place her if I need to be more still, or I want to keep her occupied with certain toys on the saucer. I've really enjoyed having this toy around especially when I need to get things done!

Winnetka, IL


My girl loves playing in this Mega Saucer


Love this item and has made it possible for me to get some things done. My girls loves sitting in here and all the toys are so fun and easy for her to play with. It folds up easy and can be taken any where I will have this product until my kids are grown up and great for the money too!

Spanish Fork, UT


This bouncer is fantastic!


As a mother of three, I have had three different types of bouncers in my house.  This one has to be the best by far.  We all love the bright colors and cute character animals that decorate the bouncer.  I love that the seat is adjustable, as the baby grows you can lift the height of the bouncer up.  There are 7 activities around the bouncer, and my 10 month old never gets tired of playing with each one.  They keep her hands busy, provide teethers, and make fun sounds.  There is also a convenient tray for snack time!  The unit moves completely around, so my baby gets to look all around the room, with out the bouncer actually moving.  This is important, as she gets excersize without actually travelling around the room, which can be extremely dangerous.  She stays occupied and happy here while I am preparing a meal, or tending to my other children, which is so handy.  As for the two year old, he is able to play with the toys as well, and they are learning to play together, as he cannot snatch the toys away!  We love the product.

Springfield, MA


Evenflo Mega Excersaucer

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