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Evenflo Majestic High Chair

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Evenflo Majestic Highchair is awful!


I have had this Evenflo highchair for a few years and I've always been pretty disappointed.  Unfortunately, things got worse when it was recently recalled.  I received the replacement parts and now it is reclined back very far and won't snap into the highest position anymore.  I contacted Evenflo and all they told me was that there was nothing they could do for me and I could always stop using it and buy another highchair!!  Their recall caused me to be having such major problems with it now, and I am completely stunned that they couldn't offer me some sort of compensation.  I will definitely be strictly sticking with Graco from now on and would urge anyone else to think twice before buying any Evenflo product.


Hampton, VA


The Majestic Evenflo high chair is nice but hard to clean


My in-laws bought this high chair for us, and I'm very grateful for it.  It is nice having an adjustable-height high chair.  It has a removable and dishwasher-safe tray that does make it very easy to clean the table portion.  They advertise for an adjustable footrest, but my kids have never had to use the oldest was in a booster seat before he needed the footrest and I have a feeling my youngest will too.  If I had to do it over again, though, I would go with a non-padded high chair.  The table is easy to clean, but not the padding.  I spend too much of my time trying to get all the crumbs out of the creases and then a LOT of food falls behind the arm padding and under, so I have to vacuum it out.  It is also a hassle to take the padding off and throw it in the washing machine and then try to put it back on. And it never comes out completely clean-looking again once you have spaghetti for dinner one night.  The high chair just never feels completely sanitary to me.  So if you have a choice, get a chair without padding.  Babies don't like to sit for a long time anyway.


Greeley, CO


Love the chair!


The Evenflo Majestic Highchair is a wonderful highchair! It has lasted through both of my high energy children! I am confident it will last through more. Lord willing! It is just a basic high chair...which is what I like the most about it. (less that can go wrong with it!) I love the simple, neutral color of the chair too. It will fit a boy or a girl and will go well in most room colors.  I have never been able to figure out what the compartments are for on the back of the chair. There are two cup holders and a compartment with a lid on it. Obviously for some type of storage but I am not sure why they would have them on the back of the chair. It is just a good place for my kiddos to hide things...of which I never think to look at! The chair folds up nicely for storage. I love how easily the chair cover wipes off. It also is easy to remove and wash. The chair is easy to keep clean. I would reccomend this chair to anyone needing one!


Tipp City, OH


The Evenflo Majestic Highchair has function and simplicity!


When looking for a highchair, we wanted something that was uni-sex, simple but with a couple of toys, and easily stored.  The Evenflo Majestic Highchair is all of this. It easily adjust up and down and the seat reclines.  The footrest adjusts up and down as your child's legs get longer.  The seat cover is easily removed to be washed.  The castors can lock into position.  There is a little snack tray under the main white tray.  Then, there is the white tray with a clear removable insert for easy washing in the dishwasher or by hand.  It comes with 2 toys, which I would put in the dishwasher to clean.  You could also buy more or new ones if you want variety.  It collapses to an upright fold so you can store it. The thing I like the most is that It isn't fancy.  Though I should tell you about the "fancy" storage perks that I didn't use/need/find all it that necessary. The mom's cup holders are a good thought, but they are shallow, so the cup is easily unsteady.  The bib hook is a good thought, but it is in an inconvenient spot low on the back of the chair.  The snack tray, which some moms love, just wasn't necessary for me.  


Marietta, GA


Nice high chair if space is not an issue.


I registered for this high chair about 3 years ago when I was pregant with my son. I didn't know much about high chairs, just that I was going to need one. This stood out because it looked so nice and I loved the detachable play set that it came with. I didn't think about how much space it was going to take up or how it does not fold up smaller. I also did not pay attention to all the little crevices where food is going to get stuck in, making it difficult to clean. I would recommend to take the toys off before feeding, or else you are going to get stuck scrubbing those clean too. Overall, this is a nice a high chair, but it is clunky and a little difficult to clean. If I had to do it over, I would go with a high chair that is a little less clunky and more simple. By the way, my son didn't relly care for the toys that came with it. He didn't really like this high chair. He liked the simple high chairs that you find at restaurants.


Rio Rancho, NM


Good for the price


I got this for my first baby shower and I really liked the fact that the high chair was easy to clean, it came with toys to entertain the baby with and you could remove the cushion and put it in the washing machine. The best part of the high chair is that it came with a plastic cover that snapped in and out of the tray. All I would have to do is unsnap it, throw it in the dishwasher and snap it back on. Super easy (when your a mom you need super easy!) The only part I had a hard time with was trying to wash the straps that buckle the baby into the seat. They always got food or milk on them and when it came to getting them off the chair to wash them it was a hassle. I just couldn't get them clean enough without throwing them in the washing machine. But the high chair as a whole was really great, It did get recalled when I first got it but they sent out a kit to fix the problem and it was no big deal to fix.


Stuart, FL


I was very happy with the Evenflo Majestic High Chair!


I was very happy with the Evenflo Majestic High Chair.  It is durable.  The height settings were surprisingly adjustable, sometimes I wanted her high up, and sometimes it was nice to use the lower settings.  I actually had no idea that high chairs had the lower settings, but it was a nice surprise.  I like that the chair folds up some, but honestly, it doesn't get very small, even folded.  I am currently not using mine, and it still takes up a lot of space folded up.  The dishwasher safe tray is nice, and all the compartments seemed well placed and thought out.  The straps are a bit of a pain to take off and put back on, and I liked to wash them often, so that got old, but I am not sure there's any way around that.  If you want secure straps, I'm assuming getting them in and out has to be hard.  All in all, I was happy with the versatility and durability of the high chair and used it enough to justify the expense. 


Georgetown, KY


The Evenflo Magestic is an okay high chair.


When registering for my babyshower I was looking for cute but also practical. I saw the Evenflo Magestic high chair and fell in love. I received it for my baby shower and started using it when my son was about 5 months old. It was very cute and even came with a detachable little play center! I thought that this was everything I wanted in a high chair! After using it for a while I realized I would much rather prefer something more simple. I took the play toys off after a week because they would constantly get food all over them and that was more of a hassle than I was willing to deal with. There were little holes where two of the toys attach and they come with caps to put in them when you aren't using the toys but food still gets stuck in them. While this wouldn't normally be a problem, the whole tray doesn't fit in the dishwasher so it is nearly impossible to get the food out. I do like the wipeable seat cover. This is definitely a plus. It is detachable and machine washable but that is a lot of work so being able to just wipe it down helps immensely! It is also a cute pattern Over all this is a good highchair but is way too much work in the cleaning department. I would prefer something more simple. Also the model I have has been recalled but the company was quick in sending out a replacement part.


Westville, NJ


one of the best things we invested in for out son.


I love everything about this high chair. Its easy to adjust to. It folds easily. We are able to take it with us when traveling to our families homes. It is really quick and easy to clean. Its comfortable for my son to sit in. He loves it. The wheels easy to slide and move around. If I need to put it one place, I would put the latch down and it will stay. I would diffinately recommend this to other parents who are busy and on the go


Salina, KS


I loved the Evenflo Majestic High Chair but only lasted one year


I chose the Evenflo Majestic High Chair after spending months researching websites, stores, other moms, and reading many reviews.  Because this was a new model at the time, most reviews for this product were only after a month or so of use.  I first used the high chair when my son was 5 months old and loved the reclining positions, the removable toy, and the easy clean up of all the pieces of the chair!  The chair took up more space with it's wide legs than I had thought, but it was worth all of the other positives.  However, after about 6 months of use and care (following manufacture's cleaning suggestions), the seat pad/cover began to crack.  It eventually cracked and tore to where there was very little outer covering on the seat pad, making it harder to clean, and of course more uncomfortable.  We only used the chair for a total of 8 months with our son, and tried to get a replacement seat cover, only to find out Evenflo had already ran out of replacements.  When our daughter came along shortly after, I tried using the chair with her, but every cleaning was more difficult and the cover was split up the back as well.  I ended up throwing the seat cover out, packing the high chair away in hopes of finding another cover to fit, and switching to a booster seat for her.  I was very disappointed that it wasn't as durable as I thought the cost and reviews had made it seem. 


Columbus, OH


Evenflo Majestic High Chair

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