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Evenflo Maestro Performance Harnessed Booster

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Great car seat!


Really great carseat

Cincinnati Ohio


My 3 Year Old Loves This Car Seat!


Overall I would recommend this booster seat. It was not too expensive compared to some of the other booster seats we looked at and my son is comfortable in it. Ease of Installation We installed this booster seat with a seat belt and it was very easy. Child's Comfort My 3 year old used to through a huge fit every time he had to get in his car seat but since we bought this booster seat he has been nothing but smiles. He is very comfortable in this booster seat. Support and Safety This booster seat has good support and I feel like my son is very safe in it. Ease of Use This booster seat is easy to use. You can easily loosen or tighten the straps when your child is still in the booster seat and the buckle is easy to use also. Design I really like the design of this booster seat but the cup holders don't hold tall cups very will. Durability I feel like this booster seat is pretty durable. We have only had it for about a month so time will tell but so far it has been great and it is holding up better then some of our other car seats have.



Evenflo Maestro Performance Harnessed Booster

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